[Can you eat dates with my aunt?

]_Menstrual period_Can you eat

[Can you eat dates with my aunt?
]_Menstrual period_Can you eat

People often say that jujube actually refers to red dates, or jujubes, which is a very precious ingredient. Many people call jujubes vitamin pills because it is known that they contain a variety of rich vitamins and can be used instead.Vitamin c, this beneficial date has a lot of effects, has a whitening and freckle effect, so women like to eat, so can you eat when you come to the aunt?

Can I eat dates with my aunt?
Eating red dates during menstrual periods can help women to regulate menstruation. It is a good thing, but not every woman is suitable for eating red dates. Here are two types of women’s menstrual periods. It is best not to eat red dates, so as to avoid some adverse reactions.If the amount is small, it can be considered that Qi and blood are deficient.

However, it is not recommended to take blood for food during menstruation, which will cause excessive menstrual flow and even menstrual disorders.

If you need to replenish blood, you can wait until the end of your menstrual period. You can also look at Chinese medicine and let the doctor prescribe medicine according to your constitution.

Always pay attention to keep warm and eat less cold food.

The first type of women who are prone to abdominal distension cannot eat red dates.

In order to avoid the accumulation of wet stagnation, the more drunk the stomach, the more difficult it is to improve.

Women with the second type of edema cannot eat red dates during menstruation.

There are many reasons for this, such as the deficiency of qi and blood, congestion, and cold in the palace.

Guidance: Angelica huanghuang jujube is a medicine for replenishing qi and blood. If menstruation is caused by deficiency of qi and blood, it can be taken continuously. If it is other reasons, the effect may not be very good. It is recommended to go to dialectical treatment of Chinese medicine hospital.

Usually pay attention to menstrual rest to keep warm, avoid fatigue and so on.

It is recommended to take jujube properly before menstruation or after menstruation, and it can play a role in nourishing qi and blood, especially using jujube after the menstrual period.Before the menstruation, you should reconcile qi and blood in time. You cannot eat foods that are too hot. You can take a little iron maple bucket, zipai, yam (spleen and stomach), angelica, tincture (iron supplement), kelp (sputum and diuretic, laxative detox)).

During the menstrual period, the yin blood leaks, and the yang is too strong. At this time, you can’t eat anything that is too hot, such as red dates and gelatin.

After menstruation, nourish yin and nourish blood, and replenish the qi and blood lost before. You can cook some nourishing soups, such as black bone chicken with wolfberry, red date soup, etc. You can also eat sub-ribs, yam, tincture, of course, it is best to takeChinese medicine for nourishing yin and nourishing qi and blood.

At the same time, you can eat more black food, such as black fungus, black beans, black fish, loach.

Women do not remember to eat Ejiao red dates during menstruation.

“Many women think that they should eat something warm during menstruation, such as red dates and Ejiao to replenish blood. In fact, this is a very general and wrong view.

“Before menstruation, you should reconcile qi and blood in time. You can’t eat foods that are too hot. You can take a little iron maple bucket, Zipai, yam (spleen and stomach), angelica, tincture (iron supplement), kelp (sputum and diuretic, laxative detox)).
During the menstrual period, the yin blood leaks, and the yang is too strong. At this time, you can’t eat anything that is too hot, such as red dates and gelatin.

After menstruation, nourish yin and nourish blood, and replenish the qi and blood lost before. You can cook some nourishing soups, such as black bone chicken with wolfberry, red date soup, etc. You can also eat sub-ribs, yam, tincture, of course, it is best to takeChinese medicine for nourishing yin and nourishing qi and blood.
At the same time, you can also eat more “black” foods, such as black fungus, black beans, black fish, loach.

[Spicy hot pot practice]_Spicy hot pot_How to do_How to do

楹昏荆棣欓攨鏄椂涓嬫瘮杈冩祦琛岀殑涓€閬撶編椋燂紝灏ゅ叾鏄勾杞讳汉锛岀壒鍒ソ杩欎竴鍙o紝鐢ㄥ埌閿呰繖涓瘝锛屽氨璇撮夯杈i閿呯殑鍒嗛噺鍗佽冻锛岄鏉愯偗瀹氭槸澶氭牱鍖栫殑锛屽鏋滄兂瑕佸湪瀹跺悆鍒扮編鍛崇殑楹昏荆棣欓攨锛屽氨瑕佺煡閬撻夯杈i閿呭仛娉曠殑鐩稿叧姝ラ锛屾帉鎻′簡杩欎簺鍗充究鏄湪瀹朵篃鑳藉悆鍒扮編椋熶簡銆?It ‘s hard to get back to it, and it ‘s going to work, and it ‘s going to work.镄勬垨鏄湴涓婅窇鐨勶紝姘撮噷娓哥殑鎴栨槸鍦熼噷闀垮緱锛屼簲婀栧洓娴枫€佸ぉ鍗楁捣鍖楀彧瑕佽兘鍚冪殑銆佹病鏈夋瘨鐨勯鏉愬ぇ鍙線閿呴噷鍔犮€傚甯歌彍鍋氭硶澶у叏銆?The chain is plated and the chain is plated, and the chain is plated, and the cable is plated, and the chain is closed. Do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it?鏉愯繃娌癸紝鐒跺悗鍐嶅拰钄彍鐐掞紝鐐掑嚭鏉ョ殑楹昏荆棣欓攨閮芥瘮杈冩补鑵汇€傛墍浠ワ紝鎴戞洿鍠滄鑷繁鍦ㄥ鍋氬仴搴峰皯娌圭増鐨勩€傝櫧鐒剁敤娌瑰皯锛屼絾鏄懗閬撲竴鐐逛笉姣旈キ搴楀樊锛岃€屼笖椋熸潗鍙互鏍规嵁鑷繁鐨勫枩濂藉鍔犮€傚钩鏃朵袱涓汉鐐逛竴閿呴夯杈i閿咃紝鎬庝箞鍦颁篃寰椾竴鐧惧锛岃€岃嚜宸卞仛锛屽嚑鍗佸潡閽卞氨鎼炲畾浜嗭紒 鈶犺彍璋辩殑楹昏荆绋嬪害鏄井楹诲井杈g増鐨勶紝濡傛灉鍠滃ソ閲嶄竴浜涘彛鍛崇殑锛屽彲浠ラ€傞噺澧炲姞楹绘銆佽姳妞掋€佸共杈f鐨勭敤閲忋€備絾鏄牴鎹彍璋变腑鏉愭枡鐨勯噺锛屼笉寤鸿澧炲姞閮幙璞嗙摚閰憋紝浠ュ厤杩囧捀銆傚鑻ュ鍔犻鏉愮殑閲忥紝鍒欏彲浠ラ€傞噺澧炲姞閮幙璞嗙摚閰卞強鍏朵粬璋冨懗鍝佺殑鐢ㄩ噺銆傗憽鎸夌収鑷繁鍠滃ソ锛岄殢鎰忔坊鍔犳垨鏄洿鏀硅敩鑿溿€佽倝绫汇€傚彧鏄敩鑿滅被鏈€濂藉厛鐢ㄦ哺姘寸劘涓€涓嬶紝鍐嶈繘琛岀倰鑷炽€傝繖鏍风倰鍑烘潵鐨勮敩鑿滄牱瀛愭紓浜紝鍙f劅鐖借剢锛屾垚鐔熺▼搴︿笌鑲夌被鐩告惌銆?

Hua’an Fund: Global Economic Growth Slows Down, Gold Allocation Value Highlights

Hua’an Fund: Global Economic Growth Slows Down, Gold Allocation Value Highlights

Global economic growth is slowing down and the value of gold allocation is highlightedExpected 0.

2 and 0.

1 perfect to 3.

5% and 3.


This is another cut after the IMF lowered its forecast for global economic growth for the first time in October.

  From a macro perspective, the global economic growth in 2018 has entered a stage of “broad fiscal and tight currency”. The momentum of economic growth has shown many tedious growth signals, and frequent financial risks are not good for capital market investment.

Looking forward to 2009, the pace of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve may emerge, the instability of the US financial system, and the risk of inflection points in the economic recovery cycle determine that 2019 will become a big year for gold investment. Gold, as an important asset allocation tool, is showing its hedging.Advantages of economic growth risk and stock market risk.

  During the three years from 2016 to 2018, gold ETFs performed better than the CSI 300 Index, CSI 5佛山夜网论坛00 Index, and CSI 1000 Index.

Gold has been able to achieve such results in the past three years, which is related to the potential downward pressure on the economic cycle and the deviation of the global currency credit system.

The basic attribute of gold is credit hedging, which is specifically manifested in the negative correlation between the price of gold and physical credit and currency credit.

The physical credit reflects the stability of the real economy operating system, and the currency credit reflects the stability of the credit currency system.

In fact, the US economic growth pattern and the stability of the currency system have driven the international gold price trend in the medium and long term, and risk appetite determines the short-term changes in gold prices.

And we believe that the attribute of entity credit hedging will become a factor in the next stage.

  According to the “Merrill Lynch Clock” theory, during the period of economic fundamental recovery and prosperity, the opportunity cost and interest loss brought by economic growth reduce the gold holding income, and the prosperity of the real economy also supports the appreciation of the currency.Generally suppressed.

As economic growth moves from prosperity to recession, the relative returns of gold assets will gradually emerge through the exhaustion of the real economy.

At this stage, the economic momentum declines, and the destruction of the economic system causes the accumulation of physical credit risk. The asset price based on the credit of the real economy will fall, and the price of gold will hedge the credit risk of the entity.

Monetary policy has been relaxed due to the reduction in the depression process and the collapse of the real economic growth. The economic system and the credit currency system are the most vulnerable. Gold often has positive returns at this stage.

  According to the current tracking of the operation of the global economy and financial system, it is currently entering a stage of decline from prosperity.

The global economy is still expanding further, although some economies’ growth in the third quarter of 2018 has been weaker than expected.

The data show that the global economic growth momentum has further reduced in the fourth quarter: PMIs in major global countries are shrinking, especially the US purchasing manager index (especially the new order index) declined sharply in December; gradually industrial production, especially the production of capital goods, has slowed down; The growth rate of global trade has fallen to the average level in 2017, because the phenomenon of export rush caused by the increase in tariffs has subsided; US housing sales have fallen in December, and Toronto house prices have also fallen for a year. These phenomena indicate the current global economyThe outlook is shrouded in haze.

  Looking ahead, the uncertainty facing the global economic outlook mainly comes from the uncertainty of the international trading environment and the evolution of financial market sentiment.

Financial conditions have tightened since last fall.

Under the environment of high expected economic growth, the drop in oil prices caused by the imbalance between supply and demand in the crude oil market has become the fuse of the financial market.

The continuously rising downward trend is manifested in the downward trend in the level of US inflation, which has dragged down the yield on US Treasury bonds, causing the yield curve to be inverted and the actual PPI and CPI data falling.

Global investors’ optimism about corporate earnings prospects has weakened and stock markets have been sold off.

Since the new year, the implementation of the Saudi-led OPEC production reduction agreement has boosted crude oil prices and global risk appetite has increased.

But in general, the US government ‘s “closed door” trade-off, Britain ‘s Brexit deal vote was rejected, and “no deal” Brexit may increase.Factors such as fluctuations in industrial production may further affect financial market sentiment.

  The risk of economic recession will boost the risk aversion of investors, and the lack of manufacturing and aggregate demand in emerging markets has triggered investors’ returns on the profit reduction of profitable companies.

In the macro environment where the tightening of monetary policy is nearing its end and the macroeconomic recovery is sluggish, the downside of risk asset estimates and the rise in the risk-to-haven ratio of risk assets are sustainable.

At present, the value of long-term gold allocation is prominent.

In addition to deducting the purchased physical gold and various “paper gold”, a gold ETF that can be configured directly on the market is also a convenient choice.

Sailun Tire (601058) Commentary on Major Issues-Launch of Equity Incentive Plan, Optimistic for Long-term Stable Development

Sailun Tire (601058) Commentary on Major Issues-Launch of Equity Incentive Plan, Optimistic for Long-term Stable Development
The company proposes to implement a stock incentive plan, which is related to the interests of shareholders to ensure the stable development of the company; the new production capacity is expected to be put into production within two years and is optimistic about the performance to maintain high growth; the company uses products, channels, and brand advantages to focus on accelerating washing in the domestic tire industryRanked the industry leader under the net card.Maintain 2019 EPS forecast to 0.31/0.43/0.53 yuan, considering the improvement of the overall industry assessment level, raise the target price to 5.3 yuan (corresponding to 17 times PE in 2019), maintain “Buy” rating. It is proposed to implement the stock incentive plan to cover the important participation of the company.The company proposes to implement a budget stock incentive plan and grants a total of 1 to 44 incentive objects through repurchase.3.5 billion shares, accounting for 5.0%, grant price 2.04 yuan / share.The plan covers the company’s directors, senior management, middle management personnel and core backbone employees. The corresponding performance evaluation target for lifting the sales restriction is 2019-2021, and the net profit measurement in 2018 will not be less than 30%, 60%, 90%.The launch of the company’s stock incentive plan will further improve the long-term utility mechanism, and combine binding with shareholders’ interests, optimistic about the company’s long-term stable development. The capacity under construction is expected to be released intensively in 2019-20, optimistic about growth in performance.The company has a production capacity of 5.6 million all-steel tires, 40 million semi-steel tires, and off-road tires.4 nominal.At present, the joint venture plant in Vietnam has a capacity of 2.4 million full-steel tires under construction and is expected to be put into production in 2020. The Dongying plant is under construction with a capacity of 7 million semi-steel tires and is expected to start production in 2019. The Vietnam plant and the Qingdao plant are totaling non-road tires under construction4.6 It is expected to be put into production in 2019-20.We are optimistic about the gradual release of the capacity under construction and the company’s future performance will maintain high growth. The domestic tire industry has accelerated its reshuffle, and the company is expected to launch a leading player in the industry.Basically catalyzed by factors such as supply-side reforms and stricter environmental regulations, the domestic tire industry is undergoing accelerated reshuffle.The company’s recognized product recognition has become a supporting tire supplier for a number of domestic and foreign car companies; it is the first to 北京夜网 lay out overseas bases and has a global sales network. We are optimistic that in the future, with the upward penetration of domestic high-quality brands, the company ranks among the industry leaders. Risk factors: sharp fluctuations in raw material prices; intensified international trade frictions; less-than-expected capacity release. Investment suggestion: The company plans to implement a stock incentive plan, which is linked to the interests of shareholders to ensure the stable development of the company; the new production capacity is expected to be put into production within two years and is optimistic about its performance to maintain high growth; the company uses products, channels and brand advantages to focus on domestic tireThe industry is accelerating its reshuffle under the rank of industry leader.Maintain 2019 北京夜生活网 EPS forecast to 0.31/0.43/0.53 yuan, considering the improvement of the overall industry assessment level, raise the target price to 5.3 yuan (corresponding to 17 times PE in 2019), maintain “Buy” rating.

China Merchants Shekou (001979) September 2019 Sales Review: Sales continue to increase and the intensity of land acquisition has picked up

China Merchants Shekou (001979) September 2019 Sales Review: Sales continue to increase and the intensity of land acquisition has picked up

Event description On January 9, 2019, the company gradually realized a contracted sales area of 833.

30,000 square meters, an increase of 49.

71%; the cumulative sales amount reached 1620.

400,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.


Incidents commented that sales continued to increase rapidly, and that the expected sales plan was completed ahead of schedule.

In September 2019, the company achieved a contracted sales area of 103.

570,000 square meters, an increase of 42 before.

99%; Achieved contracted sales of 234.

5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 81 every year.


On January 9, 2019, the company gradually realized a contracted sales area of 833.

30,000 square meters, an increase of 49.

71%; the cumulative sales amount reached 1620.

400,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.


According to the China Merchants Shekou 2018 Annual Report, the company plans to complete approximately 2,000 trillion contracts in 2019. 81% of the scale plan has been completed in the previous September. It is expected that the gradual sales plan will be completed in advance.

The ground holding strength is improved.

In September 2019, the company focused its 厦门夜网 land on core cities such as Wenzhou, Tianjin, Yangzhou, and Xi’an. The newly added land area was about 590,000 square meters, and the total new land price was about $ 7.1 billion.

On January 9, 2019, the company gradually acquired a total land area of approximately 8.31 million square meters, and converted a total land price of approximately 59.5 billion yuan.

As the land market gradually returns to rationality in the second half of the year, following the relatively cautious land acquisition strategy in the first half of the year, the company’s land acquisition intensity has improved in the third quarter. From July to September 2019, the land area has gradually increased by approximately 2.17 million square meters, compared with the third quarter of last year.During the same period, it increased by nearly 126%, which significantly 合肥夜网 increased the land reserve.

Land acquisition costs are properly controlled.

On January 9, 2019, the company’s average land price was about 7156 yuan / square meter, and the ratio of converted average floor price / gradual sales average price was 36.

79%, a decrease of 3 from the previous month in August.

23 units.

On the whole, the company has properly controlled the cost of land, and the land-price-to-price ratio has continued to fall, which can support future profitability to a certain extent.

Investment suggestion: Sales continue to grow at a high rate, and the strength of land acquisition is picking up. Maintain the “Buy” rating.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s sales continued to grow at a high speed, and the intensity of land acquisition has increased since the third quarter.

The company deeply cultivates the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. By actively integrating the soil storage resources, its performance is expected to continue its growth trend.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 2019-2021.

40 yuan, 2.

97 yuan, 3.

52 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 8 respectively.

3 times, 6.

7 times, 5.

7x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

The liquidity environment may be uncertain, or it may affect the company’s sales or financing end; 2. The adjustment policy of the real estate business may have uncertainties or have an impact on the company’s operations.

Infatuation is actually a disease

Infatuation is actually a disease

In the afternoon at a high temperature of 39 ° C, Kocho needed urgent psychological intervention, and I agreed with her without thinking.

When I rushed to the consultation center, she was already waiting by the flower bed, like a blooming peony, which was particularly striking.

  She hasn’t spoken yet, and Xiaodie is already in tears. She is facing painful consequences. One of the choices is whether to stay in Shanghai for a holiday or to fly back to Beijing tomorrow morning to reunite with her parents.

  Since meeting Li Dong in Beijing a few years ago, Kocho’s heart is no longer hers, she smiled and acted for him.

Li Dong is a graduate student in IT majoring from Shanghai to Beijing. Xiao Die was born in Beijing, and Li Dong is a school. She is a journalism student.

In Xiaodie’s eyes, Li Dong is a new and good man with no shortcomings: He is gentle, gentle, considerate, hard-working, and everything is good. As long as he looks at him, she can be excited for a long time.

Kocho was not a careful person. Since then, her heart has changed and her temperament has been discovered. The classmates found that as long as Li Dong is there, Kocho must be nearby.

  Li Dong is the only baby son of a typical well-off family in Shanghai. He has a strong petty bourgeoisie, pays attention to the quality of life, and is as clean as a girl.

Of course, he can feel that there are more tails and shadows behind him. No matter how restrained he is, it is difficult to resist the girl’s enthusiastic attack. Soon they will “pat”, a Shanghai man held by Sven and an excited and restless Beijing girl.

  At that time, they all attached great importance, and they did not know that the hidden danger had been buried at that time.

Their love was unequal in the beginning. Kocho saw him as everything in his life, and in Li Dong’s heart, this love was only the enlightenment of his life, and it felt good, but it was still far from being hurt.

After half a year, the first test came. After graduating, Li Dong insisted on returning to his hometown in Shanghai, and Kocho had no room to go with him to Shanghai.

Fluttershy didn’t want to leave Li Dong for a moment, but Fluttershy’s parents are experienced. They can feel Li Dong’s languidness and casualness, and they have always been suspicious of their relationship. They saw Fluttershy’s image filled with wind.Sailing, it is impossible not to sail, and she can only realize it once.

  Back to Shanghai is an important turning point in their relationship and the inevitable result of this love.

Li Dong loves his original state of life. It is impossible for him to stay in Beijing for Kocho, and Kocho will give up everything for love, let alone go to Shanghai.

Fluttershy went to Shanghai, and the love tragedy kicked off.

  To settle in a middle-class family in Shanghai seems to Fluttershy into the alien world.

As a result of the North Orange planting, she could not adapt to everything except Li Dong’s feelings.

During the period of waiting for a job, Kocho was worried about a few calls a day, and Li Dong was very upset, and he was negligent, and Kocho chased more and more closely.

Li Dong doesn’t care much about Kocho’s career. He wants to make some achievements by his own efforts, but Kocho doesn’t care about Li Dong’s achievements. What she thinks is how to make love shine.

Only for half a year, Li Dong felt that he was about to be suffocated by Xiaodie’s love. He said to Xiaodie: We are appropriate, let’s break up . Xiaodie seems to be ready, she just cries, sobbing silently, Said: I have a hunch, sooner or later there will be such a result, I will not rely on you, I just want to have another chance to feel, will your love come back . Li Dong is also sad, but there is no way to force himself, they agreedXiaodie moved out of her house and rented a house nearby to let her check the “love” of both parties.

For two years, Kocho became a “call girl”. Li Dong visited when she had a temperament, and occasionally called her back. Every few months, Li Dong would ask Kocho whether she was ready to divorce, and every timeOnce, Kocho’s heart was as painful as a knife cut.

Her hopes are being lost every day. Recently Li Dong has urged him to be very anxious, saying that if he does not divorce, he will no longer come to see her.

  When Xiaode came to me, she hadn’t seen Li Dong for a week, and Xiaode didn’t know whether she should divorce or continue to wait for the love that was so angry.

I asked Kocho, knowing that love would never return, why begging for more harm.

Fluttershy raised her wrist to show me and said, “If there is no hope at all, why would he buy me such a valuable gift?”

The dazzling white light from that dangling bracelet seemed to be saving the last love fantasy.

I remind Xiaodie: The bracelet may be for a memorial of forgetting, and he wants to use it to cushion the tragedy of the abandoned.

  Xiaodie, like every visitor, had an answer in her heart before coming. They came to seek understanding and support.

Fluttershy knew that it was an irretrievable love, and dragging it down would hurt each other too much.

Fluttershy didn’t hate Li Dong very much, she just refused her fate.

Fluttershy decided the divorce, and the rest of the matter became very simple. She just couldn’t decide whether to leave immediately or in a few days.

Xiaodie said she would like to eat a few more meals of the Li family in the last few days, and then call her father and mother for the last few times, to make the couple the last moment . Then, tomorrow, will it hurt or hurt more?

Now that he was so heartless, what was that kind of lingering for!

  Fluttershy said to go back and think about it.

In the evening, Fluttershy told me her decision. She was already on the plane. She decided to leave earlier, end sooner, and end hurting earlier . The difference between love and dependence in “Exploration of Mood” Flutterfly is like many womenIt will be doubtful: why there is always no reward for giving.

It is the same effort, but there are different motivations, and the same motivations have different effects.

  A woman’s obvious blind spot in love is that when she wants to give, she doesn’t ask the receiver’s feelings, or she doesn’t care about the other’s intentions.If you want to love, you give it desperately, but because of the gift you gave, the teacher pleads guilty: I am so good to you, why are you not good to me?

There is another habit of women in love: the more cold you are, the more vigorous you are, the more you insist on not loving her, the more she insists on loving you, and once the man can’t hold back, she will immediately feel dull.

Li Dong was a little reluctant at first, but because Xiaode needed to love him in particular, she achieved her goal by paying extra.

When women need love and sex, they sometimes blindfold their eyes and bump into who they are, or weave their own wreaths to wear on each other, and become intoxicated.

This kind of unequal love is impossible to last. It was lost at the beginning, but then it was thousands of miles away. If it was reluctant at the beginning, the future results are not difficult to imagine.

Therefore, when someone wants to love, the first thing is to figure out whether the other person needs it, and the second is the degree that the other person needs. He will be annoyed when he exceeds his level. When he feels “love” becomes a burden, he runs away.

  Let’s compare these two sentences: “I love you because I need you”; and “I need you because I love you”.

The former is loved because of need, because love is needed, which has completely different meaning in motivation.

Love is a kind of enthusiastic, comfortable and free feelings and behaviors, while needs are mechanical, compulsive, and passive. It is more driven by physiological needs, unsafe feelings and material desires, so it is often insomnia.Uncontrollable, uncontrollable behavior with a controlling purpose.

Love caused by needs produces a serious sense of dependence. At first, dependents rely on material desires and “love”. Later, after being frustrated by dependence, she will rely more on the feeling of frustration, that is, the feeling of abuse.

She was slightly relieved during the abused pregnancy, and she hoped to get the abused in exchange for what she needed.

Men can’t stand all the behaviors caused by women’s dependence: like Du Mei in “Over Addiction”, tirelessly listen to her boyfriend say “I love you”; talk to him eight times a day; hope to know all his actions and plans;It would be better if he did not have any opposite sex and filled his heart.

  This is not love, this is the controlling heart produced by dependence. She can pay all the price for this desire to control, but this is not love, it is only need and dependence.

  Such love has no future, and it is common for such love to be lost.

  -Woman who loves the code too much I understand that love is trust, respect, like, easy, free, independent, positive and lasting.

Life and death, restlessness, anxiety, and extreme emotions are all signs of lack of love.

  Infatuation is not love, infatuation is a dependency.

Some people will be content with their own infatuation, but they don’t know that infatuation is a mental illness. The cause of his infatuation is that he has lost his personal consciousness and self-will, and thus cannot feel the joy of life.

His existence is more of a helpless endurance.

His “love” is just a “spiritual opium” that he must be hopeless in order to invigorate his spirit, or a kind of “life-saving straw”, so he is not confident. He and their obsession and all kinds of “too much love”Words and deeds are an expression of such unconfidence.

The lover will bet his life on the balance of others, let himself tremble and be tortured.

Kocho was rejected by him because of her infatuation and almost lost her interest in living.

  Women who love too much are more about experiences and situations. Generally speaking, because growing up in dysfunctional families, the roles of family members are misplaced.

There are some reasons for this: 1.

The environment in which they live does not receive basic care, and both parents or one party is indifferent to their children.

Because of lack of feelings, trying to accumulate supplements in life, so eager to give too much.


Fascinated by indifferent men, intervening in her desire to be frustrated, what she needs is a feeling that she can’t get after hard work, and she is more accustomed to the state that she cannot get.


Pay self-coordination at all costs to the man who attracted him4.

Lack of habits, wait, pursue 5.

Excessive responsibility, self-blame 6.

Low self-esteem, no confidence in love, but unwillingness7.

Insecurity, resulting in extreme desire to control8.

How more designs realize their dreams and rarely face reality9.

Enthusiastic with men, always in emotional distress, because they are too obsessed with each other but controlled by others10.

For a variety of reasons, it is easy to take drugs, abuse alcohol, and like special foods11.

Unable to focus on being responsible for himself, giving up on himself, and caring too much for others12.

Take the initiative to build unreliable relationships and seek stimulus to evade prevention13.

He is not interested in friendly and stable men who are interested in himself, feels boring, and has a tendency to be abused. 14Afraid of betrayal, we want to guarantee a marriage that is long-lasting, stable, healthy, and safe. We should try our best to keep it at a proper distance. This is the physical space necessary for love. “Zero distance of love” is the easiest to destroy beauty and kill imagination.

  Give him a relatively independent time-this is the psychological “oxygen bar” that allows him to recover himself. No one can pay attention to others permanently, and no one wants to be watched persistently.

  Improving his vitality and charm — attracting his focus with his ingenuity and ability to manage the family.

    Study his habits-let him live a proper life.

  Maintain self-independence-let him have a slight sense of insecurity.

Baby anorexia culprit is cold drink

Baby anorexia culprit is cold drink

On hot summer days, cold drinks are definitely the most direct cooling food, and they have many varieties and diverse tastes, which are often loved by children.

However, the doctor reminded that if children often take cold drinks, they will have symptoms such as loss of appetite and even anorexia, which will hinder development.

  It is said that Dr. Liang Youfu of the Nutrition Department of the PLA 302 Hospital stated that cold drinks usually contain ingredients such as edible fats and white sugar. If a child consumes a large amount, it will cause blood sugar to rise, loss of appetite, and severe cases will even affect the child’s growth and development.

Especially for babies under 6 months, they should absolutely refrain from cold drinks.

Infants exposed to these chemicals prematurely can cause breathing difficulties or even suffocation and death.

Teeth wants to tell you 7 things

Teeth wants to tell you 7 things

If there is a health problem, the teeth will be reported.

The article in the United States “Prevention” magazine published “Seven things that teeth want to tell you” summarized by Dr. Sally Clum, a periodontist and expert in Washington, DC

  Sudden toothache-watch out for caries.

Dr. Kram said that if one or more teeth suddenly ache while eating, they may already have dental caries.

There is a special type of bacteria in the mouth that converts sugar in food to acids, which can lead to dental caries.

The deeper the holes in the teeth, the more sensitive the teeth are, eventually leading to dental caries.

If toothache happens occasionally and doesn’t cover a point, you usually don’t need to worry.

  Toothache for more than 1 week — sleeping molars.

Dr. Shirley Worth, a specialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery in California, said that if toothache lasts more than a week, it may be caused by bruxism (habitually rubbing teeth while sleeping or unconsciously rubbing teeth while awake).

Outstanding anti-wear dental braces effectively prevent night molars.

Dr. Worth said that persistent toothache with swelling of the gums or parotid glands may be caused by gum abscess and should be seen by a dentist.

  Teeth yellowing — Drinking tea does not gargle.

Yellowing of the teeth is usually not a symptom of severe dental disease.

Dr. Worth said coffee, tea or other dark drinks can cause yellowing of the teeth.

It is best to rinse your mouth immediately after drinking this type of beverage.

In addition, using whitening toothpaste and washing your teeth can help improve yellowing of your teeth.

  Loose teeth-brushing incorrectly.

Dr. Kram said that loose teeth are a typical sequela of periodontal disease because periodontal disease can easily lead to loss of teeth and jaw bone.

The correct way to clean your teeth includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing your teeth with dental floss, and washing your teeth twice a year.

If this is not possible, dental plaque is easily formed, long-term calculus is formed, gums and teeth are injured, and teeth become loose.

  Gingival bleeding and swelling-watch out for periodontitis.

Dr. Pierre Lieb, an orthopedic dentist from New York, USA, said that the symptoms of bleeding and swelling of the gums lasted for a day or two. Don’t worry too much. Frequent brushing and flossing can help relieve the symptoms.

However, periodontitis caused by hormonal changes or bacterial infections can also cause gum bleeding and swelling. It is best to see a dentist.

  Gum pain-toothbrush bristles are too hard.

Dr. Kram said that if the gums are painful when inhaling the air, drinking hot or cold drinks, it may be dental caries, and the gums atrophy.

Bacterial infections, bruxism, and hard brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush can easily cause gum atrophy and root exposure.

If red or white spots appear in the pain, it lasts for more than 1 week and a hospital examination is performed.

  Gum ulcers-eat less sour, spicy, and hot food.

Dr. Worth said that eating sour, hot, and hot foods can easily cause ulcers in the mouth.

If the pain of the ulcer disappears in two or three days, it is not a big problem.

If the ulcer lasts for a long time, it may be a signal of lack of vitamin A. It is recommended to eat more spinach, carrots and other foods supplemented with vitamin A

Use Multimedia to play games with your baby

Use “Multimedia” to play games with your baby

When babies want to do and play, it is the best time to improve.
As long as the time is right, every baby will take the first step in growing up.
When playing with a baby, the most important thing is to let him play the game he wants to play. After playing the same game a few times, depending on his ability to increase the difficulty of the game.
Conversely, if he is forced to play a duck-filled game, the baby will be sensitive to the mother’s intentions and will not want to play that game.
If you look closely, the mother will know what games the baby likes to play.
  Shout his name 重点 Game highlights: When the baby is 4 months old, he can distinguish different sounds, and he can hear the voices of others around him, such as his own voice in his father, mother or recorder.
Especially sensitive to the mother’s voice, as soon as the mother speaks, her head will turn to the direction of the voice, and she will immediately respond when she is called.
At this time, you can make a sound where he can’t see, play a game with him to find the source of the sound, and use this method to train his hearing.
  Looking at the mirror: At this time, the baby has begun to understand that the person in the mirror is himself.
The mother could hold the baby’s hand and touch the mirror, and said to him, “Well, nothing, this is a mirror.
Playing with a baby cat or shaking his hands and feet can increase his self-awareness.
  Name: Babies are more sensitive to hearing their names than they are to hearing other words.
In addition to calling him by his name, he should also be called a little further away to train him to respond to his name.
  Where is the sound: Ask him to listen to the sound of alarm clocks, doorbells, phones, juicers, etc., and let him find the source of the sound.
Mom was looking for her and said, “Well, what’s that sound?
“When you find him, tell him” this is the phone. ”
  Integrate your baby’s voice and video into the game 重点 Game highlights: 6By 6 months of age, the baby is quite sensitive and interested in the sounds of singing, TV, and radio.
At this time he will have his favorite music, and when he hears it, he will stare at the TV.
At this point, you can start showing him children’s programs.
Note that TV must never be used as a babysitter.
When watching TV, the mother should watch with the baby, remember what songs he likes and sing to him.
  Give him the audiovisual enjoyment he enjoys: Sing to the baby what he likes, or watch his favorite show, the baby will appear happy.
Incorporating his favorite TV content into the game will strengthen his abilities.
When the mother was playing with him, he brought his favorite song or music to the game. Since this was familiar to him, he would definitely have a good time.
  Let him watch children’s programs: Some mothers say, “Let the baby watch TV, he seems to remember the words”, but the TV alone cannot teach the baby to talk.
The baby’s ability to speak is established between people, and the one-way television that sends messages can only be used as a material for mother-child communication.
The mother should watch TV with the baby and talk to him.
  Experience the feeling of happiness: At this time, the ability to speak has gradually taken off.
Babies start to remember things around them, so try to let him experience everything.
What happened outside can arouse his interest the most. Let him see all kinds of things, listen to all kinds of sounds, and touch all kinds of things!
  Be ready to make some sounds for him Game highlights: When the baby hears good music or pleasant sounds, he will dance with joy.
If you help your baby dance with music, you can let him learn to use his body to express happy emotions.
Prepare some toys and good music that can make wonderful sounds.
Because during this time the baby has begun to know that everything makes a variety of sounds, the mother can play sound games with him and let him make sounds by himself.
  Listen to the sound of the music box: Letting the baby listen to the beautiful sound of the music box can make him feel comfortable.
Turn the switch of the music box in front of the baby, and after doing it a few times, the baby will know that it will make a sound when the little thing is turned.
Whenever the music stops, he touches the switch with his fingers and lets his mother turn it.This process helps him develop his intelligence.

  Percussion game: Although he doesn’t have a sense of rhythm, he still likes to hear the sound of 咚咚, 锵锵.

At first he just liked to knock randomly, and soon he could distinguish the sound quality, and he just like to hit something that can make a pleasant and pleasant sound.

  Dancing with Music: Let him dance with the music, let his body dance through the music, and cultivate a sense of music.

At first, his mother helped him and let him shake through the rhythm of music.

Just pull his hand and shake or have him in circles.

Babies love to swing their bodies with their mothers. When he hears music, he will swing his body, and his movements will become more rhythmic.

Xie Xinyi: Yoga is the main possession and lifelong companion of human beings

Xie Xinyi: Yoga is the main possession and lifelong companion of human beings

Xie Xinyi Xie Xinyi’s acceptance of yoga is a simple and natural thing. In fact, a glass of water, drink cool and cool, your body needs it, feels healthy and happy, so aware of a good habit, so willing to repeat it every day, Continues forever.

This experience and experience is the understanding of yoga by Xie Xinyi, a special instructor of AAA Group-Liangliang International.

  Mr. Xie has been engaged in yoga promotion and teaching for 8 years. In September 2001, he participated in a yoga instructor training class held by Guangzhou Guojian Health Center, learning basic theories and posture methods of yoga. He was certified by the Ministry of Health as a yoga instructor and possessed California.Certificate of Advanced Yoga Instructor from Life College.

  In order to better study yoga, teacher Xie studied in India in 2003, asana, breathing control method, meditation, high temperature yoga.

  Humanity and exquisite graciousness are the teaching styles of Teacher Xie’s yoga. Therefore, it can be accepted by scholars and won the outstanding yoga instructor award in the first ancient yoga in Beijing in 2004.

She firmly believes: “Yoga is the main possession of human beings and my lifelong companion. May yoga bring every joy and happiness around me.