[Effects and functions of Banlangen]_Blangen_Assumption_Benefits

[Effects and functions of Banlangen]_Blangen_Assumption_Benefits

There are actually many benefits and values of isatis root. Especially in daily life, we often use isatis root medicine. In fact, it has good antiviral effect, and it can also have a good detoxification effect. It can also help to improve immunity and anti-tumor.

1. Antibacterial and antiviral isatis root has effects on a variety of bacteria.

Aqueous extracts have inhibitory effects on Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Octococcus, Escherichia coli, Typhoid, Paratyphoid, Shigella (Shigella, Freundi), Enterobacter, etc .; Elimination of extracts is similarEffect, and effective for hemolytic streptococcus (all agar plate method).

The antibacterial effect on type A meningococci is similar to that of garlic and honeysuckle.

Isatis root, large green leaf antibacterial, antiviral active ingredient, some people think it is a copy.

Experiments have shown that toxins in plasma have no antibacterial effect both in vivo and in vitro; the antiviral effect in vitro is not outstanding; excretion is rapid in vivo, so it is considered that it has no obvious physiological and antibacterial activity.

Its active ingredients are yet to be studied.

2. Improving the intraperitoneal injection of Isatis root polysaccharide 50mg / kg in immunized mice can significantly promote the immune function of mice, which can significantly increase the spleen weight of normal mice.

The total number of white blood cells and the number of lymphocytes has a significant counteracting effect on the spleen index, the reduction of the total number of white blood cells and the number of lymphocytes in immunosuppressed mice caused by hydrocortisone; significantly enhances the normal and cyclophosphamide caused by dinitrochlorobenzeneDelayed hypersensitivity reaction in immunosuppressed mice; enhances the ANAE positive percentage of blood lymphocytes of normal mice in vitro, and obviously counteracts the immunosuppressive effect caused by recombinant cortisone;Lymph response of spleen cells in mice had no significant enhancement.

In addition, Radix Isatidis polysaccharides can significantly enhance the function of antibody-forming cells and enhance the rate of carbon particle outline clearance in mice injected intravenously.

3. Anti-tumor effect on rat W256 solid tumors and mouse Lewis dialysis injection of diabetic jade red 200mg / kg for 6-7 consecutive days. The results of inhibition of rat W256 solid tumors were 47-50% and 50-58.%, When subcutaneous injection is reduced to less than 100mg / kg daily, its inhibitory effect is not obvious.

Din jade red 500mg / kg was administered by gavage, the inhibition of rat W256 solid tumors was 23-33%, and the inhibition rate of mouse sarcoma 180 was about 30%.

Din Yuhong can prolong the survival time of lymphatic leukemia L7212 mice by about 20%.

In addition, the mouse spermatogonia test proved that in addition, jade red could not completely inhibit B-type spermatogonia and sperm cells.

[How to make Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings]_The common practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings _The practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings _The practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumpling

[How to make Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings]_The common practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings _The practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumplings _The practice of Juicy Parsley Beef Dumpling

People are iron rice and steel, and they are too hungry for a meal, which makes sense.

But in today’s society, to verify this sentence, we have to start from the perspective of healthy eating.

What is a healthy diet?

Then you have to do it yourself.

Now, I would like to invite everyone to learn how to make juicy parsley beef fried dumplings together with the editor.


Prepare material 2.

Warm water and good dough for 20 minutes, knead until the surface is smooth3.

The beef is chopped into mud 4.

Add the water to the chopped beef stuffing and stir in one direction. Then 2-3 times, the beef stuffing will absorb moisture and stick to it 5.

Add egg white, scallion, ginger, parsley and various seasonings and marinate for a while, then add parsley and stir well, (add salt when packing) 6.

Prepare agent 7.

Stir in the filling with salt, roll, and crescent-shaped fried dumplings 8.

Packed up 9.

Heat the pan, grease the bottom and add the fried dumplings 10.

The fried dumplings can be moved to indicate that the bottom is hardened. Pour in the flour water until the dumplings are separated, turn to medium heat, hear the sound, turn to low heat, and the water is crispy. It is a juicy and parsley beef fried dumpling.Delicious, you must be drooling!

In fact, the method is simple and easy to make, so go ahead and try to make it, and let the whole family enjoy the delicious food they made together!

[How to make cold bitter gourd]_ the right way _ how to make

[How to make cold bitter gourd]_ the right way _ how to make

People often say, “It ‘s hard to suffer but to be good.” Generally people say that suffering is to eat bitter melon.

The bitter gourd is really very bitter, and the bitter gourd is cold food, which has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying.

But because bitter gourd is bitter, people generally don’t like to eat bitter gourd.

Some people want to eat bitter gourd, so how can bitter gourd be delicious through bitter gourd, here are a few steps.

Step 1: After cleaning the bitter gourd, first cut off the head and tail, and then use a knife to plan the bitter gourd. Take a small spoon to scrape the scoop from the bitter gourd, and tilt the knife to slice the bitter gourd into thin slices.
Cut red pepper into filaments and cut garlic into garlic.

Hint: The key to bitter gourd bitterness or not is to look at this step. When digging the bitter gourd’s puppet, all the white puppets will be cut out, because this part is the most bitter.

Step 2: Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot. After the water is boiled, pour the bitter gourd into it, add the edible salt and a drop of oil, wait for 20 seconds when the water is boiled again, and remove the bitter gourd.Come out and cool in cold water.

Tip: Bitter water is also the key to making bitter gourd taste less bitter. Add salt to prevent the loss of vitamins, and oil can make bitter gourd not easy to change color.

After bitter gourd simmers in water, be sure to add it to the cold water and let it cool down, so as not to make the bitter gourd soften, change the surface, and taste more crispy.

Step 3: Add a spoonful of oil to the wok, turn off the heat when the oil temperature is 60% hot, pour the hot oil into a bowl filled with garlic, stir quickly with chopsticks and drycool.
Step 4: After the garlic is cooled, add a spoonful of white sugar, a spoonful of white vinegar and a small amount of chicken essence to the bowl, then stir together. Spread the mixed seasoning juice evenly on the bitter gourd after simmering water, stir well and finallyAdd red pepper to garnish and you’re ready to eat.

Using the above method to make cold bitter gourds is just that the taste is not so bitter, and its nutrition will also be greatly preserved. Novice friends pay attention not to spend too long in bitter gourds, it will take too long to bitter gourdsThe nutritional loss and the taste are too soft, there is no crispy feeling of bitter gourd.

Oupai Home (603833): 19-year performance forecast meets expectations, comprehensive advantages, stay ahead

Oupai Home (603833): 19-year performance forecast meets expectations, comprehensive advantages, stay ahead

Investment Highlights The company released a 19-year performance forecast: 19-year revenue increased by 10-20% to 126.


100 million, net profit attributable to mother increased by 15-25% to 18.


6.5 billion, deducting non-attribution net profit increased by 10-20% to 16.


9.6 billion, of which non-recurring profits and losses mainly come from government subsidies.

2.8 billion (about 0 in the first three quarters).

55 billion).

Estimated income in 19Q4 is 31.


7.5 billion (decade-6.

8% to +29.

1%), net profit attributable to mother 4.


8.7 billion (previously +15.

7% to +57.

9%), deducting non-attributed net profit 3.


0.5 billion (decade +0.

(87% to + 43%), growth in line with expectations.

Diversified channels continue to exert their strength, and large home furnishings are gradually getting better: (1) Retail channels: The company continues to promote the transformation of dealers from retailers to supplier service providers, and strengthens refined management of channels. In 20 years, the informatization of stores will be fully promoted.The integration of the former and the Chinese improves efficiency; the overall company also plans to launch a high-end series of reinforcing product matrices.

(2) Engineering channels: Q1-Q3 income of 15 in 19 years.

4.7 billion (+50.

90%), has become the main growth point of the company’s performance, has long-term strategic cooperation with 47 top 100 real estate, 19Q4 is expected to continue to continue the growth trend, driving the company’s market share to further increase.

(3) Large-scale home furnishings: The model is gradually rationalized, and the interests of traditional retail dealers are coordinated. The number of large-scale home furnishings has increased rapidly, until 251 in 19Q3, and the order is expected to be about 700 million in 19 years. It is expected to grow in 20 years.Doubled, and planned to build an independent production line to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The category was developed smoothly, and the T5 plan was promoted to increase customer value: the company’s kitchen cabinets / closets / bathrooms in the first three quarters achieved wooden revenue of 44.

9.6 billion (+6.

19%) / 35.

5.0 billion (+21.

27%) / 4.

4 billion (+43.

30%) / 4.

1.3 billion (+37.

37%), kitchen clothing and multi-category integration of the most smooth.

In addition, the company’s wardrobe promotes the T5 plan, focusing on the overall bedroom space, enhancing the matching of functional accessories and custom cabinets to enhance the value of customers.

The 20-year completion 苏州夜网论坛 area is expected to face oncoming repairs, and the cycle is picking up after seeing more land: We judge that as the development cycle gradually stabilizes, new construction starts in the early stage, and the completion of the misplaced gradual excess construction area is expected to steadily enter the completion delivery period, starting from 19Q3There has been a significant upward turning point in the rate of completion.

We conservatively assume completion / building area ratios of 12% and 12 in 19-20, respectively.5%, it is estimated that the completed area in 19-20 years is 6, respectively.

4.4 billion (-2%), 7.

1.2 billion (+ 11%) square meters, optimistic about the repair of next year’s delivery data next year will continue to drive home business orders to pick up.

Channels are gradually expanding and consolidation 上海夜网论坛 of navigation beacons: The company has a rich product matrix and a large home strategy has continued to land. At the same time, it actively promotes the decline of retail stores, exploring the transformation of bulk, e-commerce, and assembly channels., Supply chain and other aspects have comprehensive advantages, optimistic about its continuous integration market share!

Profit forecast and investment grade: We expect the company to achieve revenue of 134 in 19/20/21.


41.83 billion, an increase of 17.

1% / 16.

8% / 16.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 18.



100 million, an increase of 20.

2% / 15.

0% / 15.


The current corresponding PE is 25.

27X / 21.

97X / 19.

04X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Real Estate Forecast Exceeds Expectations, New Business Expansion Does Not Meet Expectations

Xinye Textile (002087): Volume and Price Rise and Steady Growth Continues

Xinye Textile (002087): Volume and Price Rise and Steady Growth Continues

Investment Highlights The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 60.

600 million (+16.

64%), and realized a net profit of RMB 100 million (+32.


At the same time, the company announced the profit distribution plan for 2018, and plans to distribute a cash dividend of 0 for every 10 shares.

5 yuan (including tax).

  Both the volume and price of yarn grey fabrics rose, and the relocation of yarn-dyed fabric production capacity dragged down overall revenue growth in the short term.

Primary yarns / grey fabrics maintained rapid growth, with revenues of 38 respectively.


9.5 billion, an increase of 32.

27% / 13.


Two of them increased sales by 24.

78% / 5.

84%, the unit price is also optimized in the context of product structure, the annual cotton price rose slightly.

However, at the same time, the full expansion of raw cotton and yarn-dyed fabric business has dragged down overall revenue growth.

The former is due to the increase in the proportion of cotton for self-use and the decrease in the sale of raw cotton, while the yarn dyed fabric business is shifted to short-term revenue due to the relocation of production lines, but it is expected to resume production in 2019 (2018).

Retired from March to April, 2018.

7-8 moved to the new park to resume production).

  Product 深圳桑拿网 structure optimization and asset impairment losses were reduced, and profitability was improved.

The preliminary gross profit margin for 2018 increased slightly by 0.

18PCT to 17.

46%, mainly driven by the increase in prices of raw materials and the optimization of product structure (expected to increase the proportion of new high-margin products from about 50% to about 60% in 2018, of which yarn / grey fabric new products account for about 50% /Nearly 70%).

The period expense was basically stable, and the sales expense ratio and management expense ratio increased slightly by 0.


04PCT to 2.

02% / 4.


However, as a result of the provision of first-class bad debts written back to the consolidated assets, the impairment loss decreased by 43 million yuan, and the overall net interest rate increased by 0.

87PCT to 6.


  The continued release of new production capacity and the increase in cotton prices will increase the gross profit margin, and performance is expected to continue to increase.

The current yarn production capacity is about 1.7 million spindles, Xinjiang 16.

The 50,000-spindle yarn project is already under construction, and is expected to contribute 6 annually.

Production capacity of 50,000 / 100,000 spindles; in terms of grey fabrics, the headquarters’ 2 knitting knitted fabrics were fully produced in 2018Q3, and will gradually cover 2019.

At the same time, 41.12 million meters of high-end denim project is expected to be put into construction in 2020.

In addition, the state reserve cotton inventory is expected to bottom out in 2019, and the outstanding gap between domestic cotton supply and demand will drive cotton prices up.

The company’s cotton reserves are abundant, and its product technology has obvious advantages. It is expected that both volume and price will rise in the cotton price growth market, and boots will drive faster growth in gross profit margin and performance.  Profit forecast and estimation and investment rating.

The company is in the period of capacity release, product upgrade, and the company’s cotton reserves are sufficient (expected to have 4 months of inventory), in the process of rising cotton prices, the expected volume and price have risen, and long sleeves have led to rapid growth in performance.

Net profit is expected to be 4 in 2019/20/21.



19 ppm, corresponding to EPS0.



76 yuan.

The current price corresponds to 2019 / 2020PE8 / 7 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk factors.

Expectations before the economic recovery; uncertain cotton price trends; changes in Xinjiang’s textile industry preferential policies; new production capacity production progress is gradually expected.

7 cups of health tea in the office to help protect you from radiation

7 cups of health tea in the office to help protect you from radiation

First, rose honey tea materials: rose flower, black tea, a tablespoon of honey, a small slice of lemon, white water.

  Efficacy: It is peaceful in nature, reduces fire qi, regulates blood qi, promotes blood circulation, promotes beauty, and has the effects of eliminating fatigue, healing wounds, and protecting high blood pressure. Long-term supplementation also promotes metabolism and reduces body fat.

  Second, Coix seed tea material: Coix seed effect: lighten dark spots, whiten skin III, pear and red date honey tea material: a few pieces of pear, red date slices, ginger juice, honey effect: pear clear fire and lungs, red dates to nourish blood, drink this in winterDrinks are best for the skin, and they are nourished from the inside out.

  Fourth, Yinqi skin care tea materials: Tremella Sanqian (soaked) wolfberry, five-money rock sugar, put an appropriate amount of Tremella into the pot, add water, cook, add rock sugar, wolfberry, boil and serve.

  Efficacy: It can moisturize the skin and replenish the necessary moisture for the skin. At the same time, it can improve dull skin texture and increase gloss.

  Winter is deep, and the cold and dry climate makes Mian Mei’s bitter bitter, and the ols hiding in the office all day are more hydrating and nourishing, a glass of water followed by a glass of water, although the effect is not obvious to the officer.

If this moisturizing can also achieve the effect of nourishing and moisturizing, it should be two kills.

  V. Rose skin care tea material: Add 5 to 6 roses to the cup, add boiling water to brew and put in the effect: Rose can cool blood, beauty, and help improve dry skin; Rose tea can also help digestion, eliminateAunt’s effect, so you can lose weight, the best effect after a meal.

  Six, mung bean chrysanthemum tea materials: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of mung bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a small amount of honey.

Put the chrysanthemum in the water and boil it; pour the juice of the squeezed lemon and mung bean paste into the chrysanthemum water and stir; put a small amount of honey and put it in.

  Efficacy: Detoxifying and nourishing, smoothing the rough pores of the whole body to make the skin smooth and clean, it is a wonderful way to manage acne.

  Winter is deep, and the cold and dry climate makes Mian Mei’s bitter bitter, and the ols hiding in the office all day are more hydrating and nourishing, a glass of water followed by a glass of water, although the effect is not obvious to the officer.

If this moisturizing can also achieve the effect of nourishing and moisturizing, it should be two kills.

  Seven, hawthorn skin care tea Hawthorn skin care tea raw materials: raw land four centella asiatica five money hawthorn five money tablet sugar amount; the medicine is chopped and ground into a coarse shape, mix well, add a small amount of sugar after decoctionMixed with tea.

Nine moves to train your most manic legs

Nine moves to train your most manic legs

Are the legs beautiful, the muscles are sufficient, and the lines are slender . Nowadays, the sharp eyes of fashionable people are definitely better than X-rays. Do you think that a pair of pants can cover leg defects and can it be perfect?

no way!

Want to have manly legs with 100% glamour index, follow the editor to practice quickly is the king!

  Leaning leg curls exercise muscle group: the thigh muscles at the back.

  Essentials: The movement rhythm is smooth and uniform, keep breathing smooth, and with the feet relaxed, hook up the calves to alternate with the equipment, and pay attention not to lock the knee joint when the calves return to the starting position.
  Squat training muscle groups: glutes, erector spinae, quadriceps, calf muscles, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Tighten your chest, lift your head, sink your shoulders, and abdomen.

The weight of the barbell should be placed on the posterior cervical trapezius muscle. Do not press the barbell to the cervical spine.

When squatting, your upper limbs lean forward slightly, shift forward and backward, and at the same time shift your thighs parallel to the ground.

Do not allow the knee joint to exceed the toes after bending, and always keep the same level with the toes.

  Prone leg muscles: glutes, back muscles.

  Essentials: Always keep your upper limbs and support legs still.

Use the muscles of the buttocks to push your legs up and out.

It is sufficient to step up your legs until your thighs are parallel to your upper limbs. At the same time, your calves should be at a 90-degree angle with your thighs.

After several repetitions, the legs are exchanged.

  Straight leg arch bridge exercises muscle group: gluteal muscle, lumbar back muscle, hamstring muscle, quadriceps muscle, abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: On the base of a supine arch bridge with one leg standing still, stretch the exercise leg straight until it is continuous and still.

At the same time, the muscles of the hips, legs, and waist are contracted to drive the body to perform up and down exercises.

Remember to always keep the rear end out of contact with the ground.

After repeated iterations of the legs several times.

  The supine arch bridge exercises muscle groups: gluteal muscles, back muscles, hamstring muscles.

  Essentials: After lying on your back, your arms are naturally placed on your side, and your feet move towards your hips to a 90-degree angle with the ground.

At this time, both feet and shoulders naturally become the two fulcrum of the body. At the same time, the hips are contracted to drive the waist up, and then hold at the highest point for several seconds, then slowly fall back, and then repeat until exhaustion.

Remember to keep your chest out of the ground at all times.

  On the supine arch bridge, the one-leg still training muscle group: the glutes, the back muscles, the hamstrings, the quadriceps, and the abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Based on the supine arch bridge, using the supporting legs and shoulders as the fulcrum, practice the leg straight up and parallel to the thigh of the supporting leg to stay still, and restore the leg replacement after a few seconds.

Remember to keep your upper limbs and thighs at 180 degrees during the exercise and not shift them.

  Lung squat exercise muscles: gluteal muscles, quadriceps.

  Essentials: look up, chest up, shoulders, and abdomen.

The legs are evenly stretched and the chest is contracted. At the same time, when the body is normal and restored, the legs should always be separated with the shoulder width.

At that time, the thighs of the back support legs should always be on the same horizontal line with the upper limbs as 180 degrees, and the knee joints should be kept away from the ground.

The gradual completion of the body, the thighs that previously supported the legs were parallel to the ground, and the thighs of the two legs formed a natural 90-degree angle with the calf respectively.

Remember that the state and restoration of the body should always be driven by the rise and fall of the race department.

  Upright one-leg muscles: glutes, quads, calves, deltoids, erector spinae, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Extend parallel and keep your shoulders heavy.

Because the contraction of the body is driven by the chest doing a natural recoil, the knee joint should be careful not to lean forward at this time.

In order to achieve the best practice effect, it is advisable to take a 90-degree angle between the body and the thighs and calves of the supporting legs.

The kicked leg should be parallel to the thigh of the supporting leg, so that it can be restored after a few seconds, and the leg should be changed.  The supine ball on the arch bridge exercises muscle groups: glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Put your feet on the ball naturally after lying on your back, and form a support point with your shoulders while controlling the stability of the ball with the heel as the fulcrum.

Use the hip, waist, abdomen, and thigh muscles to drive the body to arch upwards. At the same time, your feet will naturally gradually shift to the soles of the feet and fully step on the ball. After holding for a few seconds, they slowly return.

In addition, during the exercise, the waist should be pushed up to twist as much as possible, and the back should always remain in contact with the ground.

New mother: pay attention to food and health care after delivery

New mother: pay attention to food and health care after delivery

According to research, breastfeeding women within one year of postpartum need approximately 3,200 kcal daily, 90 grams to 100 grams of protein, 2 grams of calcium, 15 mg of iron, vitamin A3900 factor units, vitamin B116 mg, vitamin C150 mg.

Such a large amount of nutrients must be taken from the diet.

However, because the spleen and stomach function is also in a weak state within a few weeks after the birth, the increase in food intake should be taken gradually.

The variety of food should be diverse, fresh and delicious, and eat more soup.

The lactating mother can eat 5 meals to 6 meals a day, and each meal should be as dry and thin as possible, and the vegetarian food mix.

  According to the living conditions of residents throughout the country, postpartum women should eat more chicken and eggs. Chicken and eggs are the most ideal tonic.

Because chicken and eggs are almost delicious, have high nutritional value, and are easily digested and absorbed, they are an excellent post-natal supplement and one of the traditional folk post-natal food supplements.

Chicken is smooth, intake of protein and various amino acids necessary for the human body, beneficial to the five internal organs, spleen and stomach, expelling wind and nourishing blood, tonic and other effects, eggs are more comprehensive nutrition, egg yolk is rich in lecithin and iron, can nourish QiBlood and muscle growth have great tonic benefits.

If you can eat 2 eggs per day during the postpartum period, the mother will not only recover quickly but also be physically fit, which will reduce some postnatal complications and ensure the baby’s nutritional needs.

  In the early postpartum period, brown sugar water or brown sugar jujube soup, brown sugar noodles, and brown sugar egg soup should be used.

These foods can not only benefit the blood in the temperature, but also slow down the blood circulation and blood circulation, warm the blood and remove stasis, eliminate lochia, and have a certain analgesic effect.

  If there is insufficient milk secretion after childbirth, pork trotters can be cooked.

The preparation method is as follows: take 1 trotter, 2 grasses, 3 g-5 g, 10 g-15 g of leaked reeds, 60 g of rice, and two onion stems.

When using, wash the trotters first, cut into small pieces and fry the thick soup, then remove the grass and drain the reeds to remove the residue. Then, mix the trotters and the medicinal sauce with the rice in front. When the porridge is ready, put the onions in whiteJust cook.

  If the postpartum is sore, and the whole body is weak, edible walnut nut porridge can be eaten. The method is as follows: take 15 grams each of Chuanxiong, Yuanhu, peach kernel, decoction and take about 1000ml of juice.Season brown sugar and take it once a day for 35 days.

This master has the effect of promoting blood circulation and clearing blood stasis, dredging the meridians and collaterals, and it is quite effective for the symptoms of systemic soreness, lower abdomen, painful lochia, and dark purple lips.

In addition, you can also make yam and Qiu Guo porridge to take.

The preparation method is as follows: take 60 grams of yam, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, black sesame, and walnut kernel, and millet amount.

Smash the four flavors, add water to cook porridge, add the appropriate amount of brown sugar, take it once a day for 4-5 days.

This prescription can nourish yin and kidney, strengthen waist and bones, and has unique effects on lumbar spine pain, limb weakness, and heel pain caused by postpartum kidney deficiency.

  Excessive postpartum blood loss, dizziness, can be made from motherwort juice porridge.

The preparation method is to take 10 ml of motherwort juice, 20 ml of raw rehmannia juice, 40 ml of coriander juice, 2 ml of ginger juice, 10 ml of honey, and 60 grams of rice.

When using, cook rice for porridge, add other medicinal sauce into the porridge, fry two or three boil, take one bowl of porridge each time, twice daily.

Can benefit yin and nourish yin, quench thirst and remove annoyance.

Suitable for postpartum fatigue, irregular blood gas, abdominal cramps, blood dizziness, irritability.

It should be served warm, until the illness is over.

In addition, you can also cook Hongbao porridge for serving. The method is as follows: take 100 grams of rice, 6 red dates, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, cook a total of porridge, add brown sugar to eat.

This side has the effect of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing qi and vitality, and nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

  For mothers, it is also important to eat more vegetables.

Fresh vegetables provide both vitamin C and vitamin K supplements.

Bailey has its disadvantages due to insufficient breast milk intake, which is that it contains far less vitamin K than milk.

And breastfeeding children, the body’s flora produces vitamin K is also excessive.

Infants with breast cancer may suffer from vitamin K deficiency and cause intracranial hemorrhage in newborns.

Vitamin K mainly supplements green leafy vegetables, but some rural areas have a habit of preventing pregnant women from eating more vegetables, which is unscientific.

And usually cause severe intracranial hemorrhage of infants under 1 year old, even die from this disease, or cause cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

  Therefore, we have to yell out: The baby is safe if she eats more vegetables.

12 stunts so that only you in his eyes

12 stunts so that only you in his eyes

Every woman wants to be the most attractive woman in his mind, and he wants you to be the only one in his eyes.

However, charm is a compulsory basic course for every woman, and it must be skillful to become the focus of his eyes. Here are 12 absolute references that can be used as a substitute, so that he cannot do without you.

  Cultivate yourself to add points to charm. Every woman, whether beautiful or not, hopes that she is attractive, and she is more or less creating her own charm.

But just imagine, what’s the point of a grand debut if no one applauds it?

So, let’s hear the men think that . We have selected 10 types of women who are recognized as attractive, and then asked 104 men to choose the most attractive image in his own heart.

The requirements for these 104 men are: well-educated and generally require college education or above; age 25-45 years; have a certain economic foundation and social system; have emotional experience, have a certain taste for women appreciation, at least pay more attention to womenLocated in different professional fields.

Women, see who the men applaud and who applaud you.

  Women with beautiful appearances make men’s eyes move, and women with inner richness make men’s hearts move.

Women who look and feel perfect internally excite men, and women who excite men are attractive women.

  Women are happy for having beauty, and proud of being attractive.

Maybe many women think that charm is so out of reach, in fact every woman can have charm.

But charm doesn’t fall in love with all women.

  Many people misunderstand a woman’s charm as a woman’s beauty, and some misunderstand a woman’s coquettishness, a woman’s charm, a woman’s thick makeup, and a woman’s radiance.

  The charm of a woman is not the charm that is added with lipstick, nor the beauty decorated with necklaces and earrings, nor is it touching with high heels.

  The charm of a woman is neither a shawl hair, nor a denim fashion, nor is it a show-off of brand-name noble fashion, nor is it the maturity pretending to be Jiao Ni.

  Charismatic women are wise!

Smart but not oppressive, generous but not indulgent, independent but not too strong, knowing that things must be anti, and they are extremely sad.

A cold and fashionable girl does not necessarily have charm, and a savvy woman does not necessarily have charm. No matter what, the pure and pure girl does not necessarily have charm.

  Attractive women are rich in content.

Behaving and talking is so subtle, deep, gentle, and kind between hands, giving a kind, comfort, pleasant joy and charm, not only is he passionate about life, but also evokes passion for lifeThe glory of life.

  Charismatic women know just right.

Only when you have a good grasp of everything, will you be able to do everything easily, you will get the appreciation and affirmation of others, and you will be smooth sailing.

  Charismatic women are decisive.

It can be picked up and lowered, never dragged into the water, break the wire, and understand the reason for the constant confusion.

The charm of women is a kind of wisdom, but it is not just wisdom.

  Charismatic women are beautiful!

Beautiful but not glamorous, natural but not contrived.

This beauty comes from the outside and from the heart!

She can be born with beauty and talent, but after all, there are few such lucky women. More beauty depends on our nurturing.

So read more. You do n’t have to be high to fight and learn to be rich in five cars, just because it can make your beauty beyond your age and last forever; more importantly, from this moment, you will understand that beauty is always the first.Delight yourself.

  There is no age limit for a truly attractive woman. What she gives people is the taste of a stream of water. A truly attractive woman is not based on clothes, looks, or youth. What she gives people is a combination of the beauty of the soul and the beauty of appearance;Really attractive women are not divided by education, position, or level. Some people read tens of thousands of books, but they do n’t care about appearances. Some people live in hardships and poverty without losing the woman ‘s style and beauty.

  Really attractive women show their talents in their careers, knowing how to show their wisdom in society, show their talents, and show their style; truly attractive women talk elegantly in front of men, do not be humble and talk about the beauty of womenWise, alert and thoughtful.

  A truly attractive woman will dominate her own destiny in life, adjust the emotions of husband and wife, and create a romantic atmosphere.

No matter how many spring, summer, autumn and winter, a truly attractive woman, no matter how rich or poor, she will give a man a warm home and a sweet motherly love for her children.

  The charm of women is a scene.

Such as the plum blossoms in winter, the severe cold permeates the proud bones, and the snow and fragrance permeate the fragrance.

  One of the twelve tricks that has charm and attracted his attention is that he is sometimes more hesitant and childish to be his air man, and can have the courage to bear love than women.

  He is like the fish swimming in the water, singing the song “I want to be free.”So you only slowly infiltrate his life and make him in it, comfortable and unconscious, neither depressed nor bound, like air in water.

One day, sooner or later, he will find that if you do n’t have it, like the air is drawn away, he ca n’t live.

  Second, the most moving thing for men and women to cook and eat for him is to eat together every day. If one day he said something like this: “No matter how late I go home, I can drink my wife’s soup.

“The big resistance in his life is not without you-look, he has put you in” wife “.

Turn the romance of sweet words into the essential three meals, “grasping the heart first and the stomach”. Although the method is old, it is unstoppable.

  Third, using the “gentle” bottle of glue to attack the heart is the highest principle to deceive a man’s heart.

A smart woman knows a man’s heart deeply, “I believe I will find such a woman again in this life.” Every man who looks like a strong man has a weak and soft place, where even a strong man cannot be beaten.A 6-year-old child, when he is the most tired, just wants to lie in your tender embrace, and when he is the most confused, he also regards you as the only object to talk to, and you are his spiritual dependence.

  This bowl of soup called “gentle” is the only way to erode the thinking ability of men.

  Fourth, creating amazing love in life Just halfway through, it has the meaning of an old man and wife-this is a horrible thing.

Men are not not passionate about life, but they are afraid of mediocre life, fear of evil time to kill the once beautiful princess in their hearts.

Keep the same before and after marriage. You must not be youthful before marriage. After marriage, you are willing to be yellow-faced. Men naturally like beautiful women.

Therefore, women should always pay attention to changing their image after marriage and try various fashion elements. In this way, even if your husband doesn’t praise you, she will have a fresh feeling in your heart.

Start with an elaborate dinner and a beautiful candle with a bicycle shape. Let romance and passion happen everywhere, making him always see your heartbeat when you first meet.

  Fifth, Zhang Xin, the wife of real estate leader Pan Shiyi who became his housekeeper, transformed Pan Shiyi’s first thing by throwing out all his past activities.

In the early morning when he wakes up every day, he shouts: “Where is my watch”, “Where’s my racket” . Without you, he would never find the white T-shirt last summer, and even putThe old towel, which had been planned to be made into a rag, was remade into a wipe.

One day, when he consciously looked up and down his whole body, and found that starting from underwear, to socks, to a tie, to a scarf, all your masterpieces, how can he leave you in his heart.

  Sixth, making him have to stick to your mum’s words is the “weakness” of all obedient boys in the world.

Find a reason to meet his mother and please her old man, let the old lady boast you again and again; take him to his girlfriend’s wedding banquet and see the sweet ending of love; take him to the aunt ‘s kindergarten, letHe found how much the children like you . all this will destroy his nerves, and his vulnerability is your victory.

  7. Be the “little cute” in his life. Whether you are a Lin Daiyu-style little temperament woman or a person with a straightforward and carefree personality, you should be a little woman who loves men. Appropriately coquettish, wayward, overbearing, and sensibleWill be considered by men to be fun in life, such women are most popular with men.

The cute little bit melted the man’s heart. After leaving, he found that life without you was actually “a mess”.

  Eight, make his life black. All single men in this world have an inferiority. They always look forward to the arrival of the perfect woman. The lover in front of them is never worth a lifetime promise.

When you do all these things carefully, he still takes no time for it, take it for granted, leave him for a short time, and cut off his life.

At that time, he would discover how indispensable everything he was used to was for him.

Wait for him to call you and say, “Baby, come back, I can’t live without you!

“Nine, occasionally coquettishly make him crispy all day long. If shyness is the natural radiation of a woman, then coquetry is a form of a wife expressing a special love to her husband.”

Usually coquettish can get the lover’s joy in love, and after marriage, coquettish can also make the husband have a love affair.

The charming wife scatters her husband in front of her husband, which can immediately stir the ripples of love and the waves of love.

Because coquettishness has become the release of the wife from the husband with all kinds of love, the husband will experience the self-worth of being loved at this time and obtain a high degree of psychological satisfaction, thereby bringing the intimacy between the husband and wife to a deeper level.

Therefore, a wife who is not suspected of experience may wish to try it out in front of her husband.

  X. The shyness of a girl without losing a girl under certain circumstances is the gentle art of his wife.

It is calm in itself, but full of sentimental mood.

It is basically a special language for young girls who can pass on love, and it is also a messenger for expressing love between couples after marriage.

However, in real life, too many wives often ignore this point, and once they are in the house, especially after becoming a mother, they are ashamed in front of their husbands, and red sincerity replaces the mystery.

Over time, love becomes tedious and even suffocating.

Therefore, wives should always pay attention to using shyness to stimulate the husband’s love, enrich the life of husband and wife, and improve the quality of life of husband and wife.

  Eleventh, concealment is more the second skin of women than exposure to excessive seductiveness. Although it has almost a natural charm, concealment can cause rich imagination and increase the mysterious seductiveness.

If you expose specific parts for a long time, you will lose the mysterious factor and lose its charm, leading to “suitable clothes have more temptation than nakedness”.

Therefore, in the family life, if the wife wants to maintain the long-lasting beauty of her husband, she should learn the hazy art and create the hazy beauty, especially in the choice of underwear, whether it is the brand or the color,Even the old wife and wife, try to avoid being exposed to the fullest extent.

  Twelve, moderate stubbornness is more revealing of women’s charm. The wife is moderately stubborn, and also expresses some peculiar charm in front of the husband, especially when it is alternately applied with coquetry, the effect will be better.

In essence, the same thing, adults do very ordinary, can not cause any response, while naive children do, because of their weakness, it shows a childlike beauty.Although women are not inherently weak, they are weak compared to men. After all, if the wife insists on doing something that she knows to be incompetent, success will give her husband an unexpected surprise, and unsuccessful will win absolute derogationFun to add fun to life.

The wife’s heart is weak, and her stubborn three-dimensional cross-talking taste shows both childishness and a bit of “wildness”, and her husband often feels excited about it.

  Of course, there are many ways for his wife to show his charm.

As long as you pay attention to the flexible use of occasions and occasions, you will always be charming, youth always, family harmony, happiness forever.

Taking a nap more effectively against sub-health

Taking a nap more effectively against sub-health

Life expectancy has declined, and the phenomenon of “overwork death” has become increasingly serious. Qicheng intellectuals are on the verge of “overwork death” and are in a sub-health state all day long.

  The imbalance of yin and yang leads to “derailment” of human health. As the age increases, the health condition will show a physical change. This is an unavoidable rule in life, age, disease, and death. Women do suffer a bit earlier than men and begin to enter the aging period earlier.

“Su asked?

“On the Great Masters of Yin and Yang” said: “Forty years old, and Yin Qi has been living at a loss since half.

“A few words summarized the physical and psychological characteristics of middle-aged people, and emphasized that people’s middle-aged life was the turning point in their life course, and their life activities began to change from prosperity to decline.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” makes it very clear: the aging cycle of women is one revolution every 7 years.

“So, the 28-year-old is the peak age of a woman. Before 28, she has been going up, and after 28, she has gone down.

This means that the 35-year-old Yangming pulse may fail, and even the most beautiful women may begin to develop defects such as wrinkles.

“Men are mainly yang, their aging cycle is 8 years, and their aging can be at least 4 years later than women.

  In fact, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, I am afraid that there are all kinds of bacteria and viruses in various parts.

There are many kinds of bacterial viruses in the body, but why can we live in peace with the human body?

In fact, it does not depend on how much the bacterial virus or even the body’s own state provides the conditions for survival and development of pathogenic factors.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine: “In the righteous atmosphere, evil can’t be done, evil can’t be destroyed, and its qi will be empty.” That is to say, under normal conditions, if the yin and yang are in a very balanced state, even if there is an abnormal wind and rainClimate change will not get sick.

However, if the wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, fire, joy inside, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, shock, and the normal state of the human body are broken, these attempted pathogenic factorsIt may change from 10 to 100, 100 to 1,000 . When it reaches a certain number, it may harm human health, and at this time the human body is in a sub-health state, and the defense level is very low.Sick naturally.

  Xia Zhishu hot eat more ginseng raw wheat drink, Chinese medicine believes that spring and summer nourish yang, autumn and winter nourish yin.

The raw wheat drink is made by ginseng, barberry, and schisandra. This is the recipe of the well-known medical practitioner Sun Simiao. He uses this recipe to treat heat.

He said, why use raw wheat drinks in the hot summer season?

Because the human body’s yang is constantly “running out” every day, resulting in insufficient yang in the inside, you need to use ginseng to replenish qi; if you sweat too much, he uses Schisandra to converge and condense his qi; the weather is too hot, especially easySweating, at this time you can use Ophiopogon to replenish body fluids and nourish yin.

  ”The corresponding fight against the health of each quarter is also ‘Qiuli cream’.

“Qiu Feng will communicate with the lungs, and the lungs will be” closed. “At this time, you need to let the blood go in with the season, and you need to use a little autumn pear cream.

Autumn pears are the heaviest, with white flowers, and the result is in autumn.

With a little autumn pear cream, people will not have a cough because their lungs don’t fall when autumn comes.

  According to the sleep theory of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the midnight sleep is a yin and yang meeting, and when the water and fire are passed, it is called “heyin”, which is the heaviest yin of the day and the most sleepGood time.

Therefore, when you go to bed at night (21 to 23 o’clock) at night, you can enter the best sleep state at child hours.

  ”According to the theory of Chinese medicine, in the hot summer, the public is encouraged to sleep ‘Midnight’.

“Zhang Shijun said,” Zi “is the time when the human body’s energy is” combining yin “, which is good for nourishing yin. It is best to fall asleep before 11pm.

Because rest at this time, you can nourish the yin most, sleep best, and can do more with less.

The “noon” time is the time when the human body’s energy is “heyang”, which is good for Yang Yang. The siesta can only be rested for 30 minutes at noon (11 to 13 o’clock), because it is the “heyang” time, and the yang is strong., So work best.

  Ten Standards of TCM Health TCM believes that there are ten standards of health, the specific contents are as follows: 1.

Eyes are energetic: The eyes are bright and energetic, and there is no stagnation, which means that the filling is full, the gas is full, the spirit is strong, and the viscera functions are good.


Harmony of voice: The voice is loud, the breathing is calm, and it reflects that the cardiopulmonary function and circulation function are good.


Urination is unobstructed: Urination is unobstructed, and the daily urine output is 1000 to 1500 ml, indicating that the urinary function is normal.


Smooth stool: stools once or twice a day, no abdominal pain, diarrhea, suggesting strong digestive function.


Moderate shape: keep shapely, not fat or thin.
Standard weight = height (cm)-105 (female minus 100) (kg).

Strong teeth: Maintain oral hygiene and be substantially free of dental caries and other oral diseases.


Waist and leg dexterity: keep exercise more than 3 times a week, every half an hour, to make muscles, bones and limbs flexible.


Normal pulse: The pulse is calm and gentle, soft and strong, the rhythm is regular, not floating and not sinking, not big or small, indicating that the heart and circulation function are good.


Eating diet: regular daily quantitative, balanced diet, no picky eaters, no partial eaters, no overeating, no alcohol, no smoking.


Living on time: able to get up and fall asleep on time, good sleep quality.