What should you pay attention to in children with bronchial pneumonia?


What should you pay attention to in children with bronchial pneumonia?

The early symptoms of bronchial pneumonia in children are similar to those of the common cold. The main manifestations are fever, cough, etc. Parents are easily overlooked, delay diagnosis and treatment, and cause harm to the health of children.

Therefore, its prevention work is suddenly very important.

So what should you pay attention to in children with bronchial pneumonia?

Here are a few simple methods for the prevention of bronchial pneumonia in children.

Precautions for bronchopneumonia in children 1, often drink water as the saying goes, Bai Kaishui cures all diseases, although some exaggeration, but drinking more water for the prevention of disease is still very effective, parents can let children drink warm water,Of course, it is necessary to timely and appropriate amount, so that not only can prevent colds, but more importantly, it is beneficial to children’s stomach and lungs.

2, purifying the air is usually the best place to spread and create diseases, many diseases are caused by the unclean air environment, so keep the indoor air clean, fresh, not too dry in the room, let the children have a clean living environmentIt is an effective way to prevent pneumonia.

3, pay attention to eating diseases from the mouth, especially for children who are already fully developed, the body’s resistance is not strong enough. If the diet is unreasonable or the food is unclean, it is easy to cause the child to become sick, causing pneumonia and other diseases, so I want to prevent it.Pneumonia, but also manage the child’s diet properly.

4, away from the source of the child’s resistance is very weak, if it is easy to be invaded by these viruses to cause various diseases such as pneumonia, so parents should avoid contact with patients with respiratory infections.

In the season of epidemic disease, children should be taken less and should not be in public places. If someone has a cold in the family, they should reduce contact with children.

5, increase or decrease of clothing children are still in a period of ignorance, there is no clear concept of whether to add clothing, as a parent, should promptly increase or decrease clothing for children, when the child has sweated, do not take off clothes immediately, do not letThe child suddenly goes to the cold air in the case of sweating. These are the parents should pay attention to.

6, exercise physical exercise to prevent disease, but children and adults are different, children of different ages are suitable for different ways of exercise, parents should be appropriate according to the child’s own situation, daily arrangements for children to exercise.

Tips: Do a good job of prevention, the baby can be less sick, usually parents should pay attention to observe the baby’s situation, if the baby has symptoms of physical discomfort should promptly ask the pediatrician, so as not to delay the baby’s condition!

7 wrong weight loss methods let you lose weight and lose weight


7 wrong weight loss methods let you lose weight and lose weight


The total rejection of the aunt’s embarrassment is the biggest enemy of the body shape, or the hidden dangers of various diseases.

In fact, maintaining a certain amount of micro-quantity is enough to make your body temperature constant, and can also reorganize the impact of shock on the internal organs. More and more studies have also shown that the promotion of metabolism and the role of micro-foods in the weight loss process,Not always the opposite.

銆€銆€Adults who eat are not even quickly converted into feces in the body, and unfortunate decomposition can inhibit adult synthesis in the body to some extent.

A single non-binding aunt’s corn oil and blended oil, which has the effect of lowering low-density lipoprotein, is an ideal cooking oil for weight loss and bodybuilding; digestive and anti-obesity aunt foods can reduce your desire for starchy foods and snacks.

Drinking coffee to lose weight caffeine can accelerate the decomposition of trace amounts, let fatty acids separate from the trace tissue into the blood, if combined with exercise, the fatty acids in the blood will burn off, can reduce the trace amount, otherwise return to the trace tissue, and then become a micro-storageThe ultimate in coffee weight loss is ultimately rooted in sports.

The most important thing is to drink at least 8 cups of coffee a day, even if you are involved in sports to achieve the effect of separating fatty acids.

Such a large amount will definitely cause long-term insomnia, and the ability to absorb nutrients is greatly reduced, and the body weight naturally decreases.

Moreover, coffee has a diuretic effect, and a large amount of coffee can cause the body to lack water, which affects the skin and is more harmful to health.


Chili weight loss studies have confirmed that red pepper contains a capsaicin ingredient, which can help burn adults and accelerate metabolism. Other studies have shown that the reduction of obesity among Japanese and Korean women is related to their long-term consumption of kimchi;It does have the function of stimulating sweat glands, helping drainage, and alleviating body edema, so it is regarded as a weight loss top grade.

銆€銆€In fact, no research has directly confirmed that peppers can lose weight.

And the irritating peppers, excessive consumption will affect the function of the stomach, there is a risk of stomach pain and even stomach bleeding.

And eating too much irritating food can make the skin rough, and even acne, it seems that some are not worth the candle!


A low-calorie diet that reduces calorie intake during weight loss is certainly correct, but a recipe that is less than 800 calories may eventually lead to malnutrition, lower metabolic rate, and gain weight quickly when you eat more.

Eat less and eat more, paying attention to balanced nutrition is the key to weight loss diet.


Parting the “potato” potato, the sweet potato is completely tasteful, and it is still a low-calorie food that can produce a feeling of fullness.

Most of the people on the market who are suffering from weight-loss people are experiencing high-temperature fried potato chips and French fries, which make people mistakenly think that potatoes are the enemy of weight loss.

In fact, the content of potato is very low, but the nutritional value is more than rice and wheat, the conversion and rice conversion, the calcium content is 5 times that of grain rice, the iron content is 3 times that of white rice, and the content of protein and vitamin C is also very rich.

Therefore, abandoning the easy-to-fertilize cooking method, cooking the potatoes and sprinkling the seasonings is a diet food that is both delicious and nutritious.


When you have to drink alcohol, replacing the sugar in beer and whiskey with hard alcohol is not a key factor in getting fat. Pure alcohol can’t affect the waist and hips. Alcohol will not be converted into adults, but it can promote adults.Storage.
The transients produced by the alcohol in the wine cannot be stored in the body. The first thing that is consumed is alcohol, and then other fuels.

Therefore, hard alcohol makes people fatter to the same extent as other alcoholic beverages.

Moreover, drinking often accompanied by sorghum snacks, such as potato chips, nuts, etc., unfortunately, any aunt who goes with alcohol will be stored directly as aunt.

So the key is not what to drink, or what to eat when drinking.


Replacing rice and meat with vegetables and fruits Many people believe that only eating vegetables and fruits, low and nutritious, is the best recipe for weight loss.

The carbonic acid of vegetables and fruits is not high, but it does not easily produce a feeling of “satisfaction”. If you don’t know how to eat it, you will eat more. If you stop eating vegetables and fruits, the appetite will become your weight.Killer!

銆€銆€More importantly, eating only vegetables and fruits can lead to nutritional imbalances.

The causes of obesity are different, not necessarily a single accumulation of nutrients, often lacking the nutrients that turn adults into energy.

Adults in the body need a variety of nutrients to participate in energy conversion, such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and folic acid, lack of these substances, adults are not easy to produce energy, naturally accumulated in the body.

These nutrient foods, such as milk, peanuts, eggs and animal liver and meat, have long been replaced by vegetables and fruits, and naturally become the driving force for energy conversion.

Children eat these good parents for breakfast and learn quickly.


Children eat these good parents for breakfast and learn quickly.


A good breakfast must have some cereals such as taro, buns, scones, bread, cakes, noodles, biscuits, porridge, etc., and a variety of cereals, with a mix of thickness.

Cereals can be broken down into glucose, which is the main energy source in brain tissue.


A good breakfast requires a quantitative protein supply such as eggs, milk, and legumes that are rich in protein.

Every morning, the child is guaranteed to eat 250 ml of milk or soy milk, an egg or a few slices of pig, cow and chicken to ensure the protein needed for the child’s growth and development.


Good breakfast should supply a certain amount of vegetables such as salad, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, radish, tomatoes and other vegetables, tofu, dried bean curd, bean skin and other soy products or seaweed, to provide other nutrients and minerals and increase appetite.To ensure breakfast intake.


A good breakfast should have a certain amount of vegetable oil. Don’t forget to put a few drops of vegetable oil in the salad. The aunt can provide the children with the desired transformation, and can increase the color, fragrance, taste and appetite of the dish.


There are two types of food for breakfast. It is basically the main food. Because it contains a lot of starch and sugar, it can synthesize more serotonin with sedative effect into the body, which makes the brain cells fully energetic and cannot be eliminated.
Mobilizing the brain to reduce the efficiency of work and study; the other is egg yolk, fried high-fat food, due to supplementation of feces and excessive intake, long digestion time, resulting in blood accumulation in the body for a long time, causing blood flow to the brainReduced, resulting in hypoxia of brain cells, dark and dark minds throughout the morning, slow thinking.

Beware that the three sports will be more and more fat


Beware that the three sports will be more and more fat

Want to lose weight?

Have a flaw.

Everyone knows the best way to lose weight during exercise. MMs have noticed that there are three kinds of exercise that not only can not reduce the fat, but also increase your fat and muscle.


If the amount of exercise increases in high-intensity exercise, the oxygen and nutrients and metabolites required by the human body will increase accordingly. This depends on the heart to strengthen the contraction force and contraction frequency, and increase the blood output of the heart to transport.

When the amount of exercise is large, the cardiac output cannot satisfy the body’s need for oxygen, and the body is in an anaerobic state of hypoxia.

銆€銆€Anaerobic metabolic exercise is not the use of adults as the main energy release, but mainly relies on the decomposition of glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

Because in the anoxic environment, a few can not be used, but also produce some incompletely oxidized acidic substances, such as ketone bodies, to reduce human exercise endurance.

銆€銆€Hypoglycemia is an important cause of obesity. After a short period of intense exercise, blood sugar levels are lowered, and people often have a great increase in appetite, which is detrimental to fat loss.


Short-term exercise In the aerobic exercise, the first use of the sugar element stored in the human body to release energy, after 30 minutes of exercise, began to release energy from the sugar element to the micro-release energy conversion, about one hour after exercise, exerciseThe energy required is based on adult energy.


Rapid Explosive Movement The human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers and can be divided into two major categories: white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

During exercise, such as rapid explosive exercise, the main exercise is white muscle fiber, white muscle fiber cross-section is thicker, so the muscle group is easy to develop and strong.

Using this method to lose weight will become more and more “rough”.

銆€銆€Want to achieve the purpose of body weight loss, you should do heart rate every minute at 120?
160 times of low-intensity, continuous (more than 1 hour) endurance aerobic metabolism of whole body movement.

For example, aerobics, slow running, long distance continuous swimming, etc.

Losing weight is a major project of physical integration. You need to persist in MM!

Longevity and longevity


Longevity and longevity

According to the survey, one of the longevity experiences of many longevity elderly people is to eat only seven or eight full.

Some ancient doctors also have a modest diet to resist aging and extend life.

This law has been confirmed by many modern scientists through animal experiments.

Why can dieting live longer?

Scientists have analyzed the following reasons.

銆€銆€Dieting can reduce the burden on the stomach, often eating too much, and gradually digesting the system for long-term overload, leading to premature aging of the internal organs and decreased immune function, and excess conversion into deposition in the body, causing “rich disease”, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and so on.

銆€銆€Suffocation makes brain metabolic disorders scientific research proves that when people are full, there is a substance in the brain that is 10,000 times more than before eating. It is this excessive increase of growth factors that leads to cerebral arteriosclerosis, and cerebral arteriosclerosisAlzheimer’s is closely related, leading to life aging.

The study also found that there is a specific gene in the animal. In the case of a reduced supply of food metabolism, the protein encoded by this gene will increase, avoiding the role of preventing cells from overcoming. Scientists believe that this may be an important factor in dieting to delay aging.factor.

銆€銆€Consuming damaged cells, 2% of the oxygen absorbed by people with premature aging is catalyzed by oxidase to form active oxygen (free radicals). Reactive oxygen is a harmful substance to the human body, which can cause cell damage, arteriosclerosis, and disease.Aging, even death.

The more energy is absorbed by the body, the more reactive oxygen is produced, and the faster the person ages.

Dieting can reduce the production of reactive oxygen species, causing cells to enter their harmful, thus delaying aging.

銆€銆€It can be seen that dieting is of great significance to health and longevity, so how can middle-aged and elderly friends diet regularly?

First of all, to develop good habits, the daily intake of salt should not exceed 6 grams; edible oil is mainly vegetable oil, 25-30 grams per day is appropriate, eat less animal oil and cream, the ratio of vegetable oil to animal oil is 1:0.

5; Ingesting different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits every day, the absorption is at least 400g; poultry, fish and meat are 100g per day is enough; the animal’s internal organs should be eaten less, the grain is the main food, and every meal is notEat too much, with 80% full.

銆€銆€Therefore, if you eat too much occasionally, after half an hour of eating, you must carry out the necessary sports to consume the excess volume.

Finally, it is important to remind everyone that the purpose of dieting is to maintain a low level of nutrition, but it is by no means lack of nutrition. Therefore, dieting must be carried out on the basis of ensuring nutritional supply.

No one has ever avoided the three easy fat time periods of the day, so that weight loss can be done with half the effort.


No one has ever avoided the three “easy fat” time periods of the day, so that weight loss can be done with half the effort.

Many people want to lose weight, and in the way of dieting, in fact, this is very unfavorable to our health.

Today, I recommend several foods for you. These foods are the strongest liposuction foods. They can help you reduce the amount of impurities, excrete impurities, and can be thin without dieting.

Let’s take a look.

1, bamboo shoots bamboo shoots contain a small amount of starch, belonging to natural low lactose, low sugar, multi-fiber food, edible bamboo shoots can not only promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, to accumulate food, prevent constipation, and prevent colorectal cancer.

2, the vitamin content of kiwifruit kiwifruit is determined to be excellent, its trace content is low and no plasma, its supplement fiber can help gastrointestinal motility, promote food digestion, and is rich in carnitine.

Carnitine is a component that promotes the burning of rare earths and converts excess traces of the body into impurities.

3, apples can increase satiety when eating apples, because apples are high-fiber, low-migration foods, which translates into less and helps to lose weight.

Apple contains a large amount of precipitated fiber, pectin, pectin can be combined with bile acid after entering the human body, absorb excess syringe and triglyceride like a sponge, and then excreted from the body, while acetic acid decomposed by apple is beneficial to these two substances.Catabolism.

Obesity beyond the expected body shape will affect the health of the body, greatly increasing the incidence of three high diseases, so regardless of men and women, for their own health, or to reduce weight loss.

There are 3 time periods in a day, which are particularly easy to absorb and cause too much, so people who lose weight try to avoid it and let the weight loss get twice the result with half the effort.

1. In the morning, many people have bad habits of bed, especially now that the weather is pleasant in autumn, and they don’t want to lie in bed.

However, long-lasting bed-riding will affect the body’s biological clock, causing the body’s blood circulation to slow down, metabolism to slow down, and it is easy to cause edema or slight accumulation of the body.

In particular, some people will let themselves eat more things at noon in order not to eat breakfast in time, which is not conducive to weight loss.

Therefore, everyone still has to follow their own biological clock, go to bed early and get up early, eat breakfast, and it is more beneficial to lose weight.

2, at noon, some people will consume a lot of body in the morning, and the obesity that appears at noon is particularly strong. They will choose to eat some small snacks before lunch to eat hunger, and then eat lunch, which will lead to too much food at noon, causing serious over-standard and accelerated.Hoarding, the body will become more and more obese.

3, many people at night before going to bed will eat too early because of dinner, hungry when sleeping, can not control themselves to eat late at night, but the body consumed a lot before going to bed, food can not be fully consumed,Adults will accumulate in the body, and may also affect the quality of sleep, which is not conducive to weight loss and is not good for health.

Therefore, in order to perfect the body, we still have to eat a certain amount of exercise, moderate exercise, avoid sedentary, overeating, I believe that insist on this, good body naturally!

Chinese medicine massage acupuncture points also healthy sleep


Chinese medicine massage acupuncture points also healthy sleep

Modern people have a lot of stress in life, so there is often a waste of insomnia, and the pressure to insomnia caused by the sequelae of sedative hypnotics is increased.

Promoting sleep by massage is a good way to relax your body muscles and help you sleep peacefully.

銆€銆€People who often suffer from insomnia are in a state of imbalance between yin and yang in the view of Chinese medicine.

When the head massage is combined with acupuncture points, it can clear the meridians and regulate the function of yin and yang.

銆€銆€The head massage method has the functions of refreshing and refreshing, calming and sleeping, reducing blood pressure, relieving pain, treating dizziness, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Clinical headache, insomnia, inner ear vertigo.

銆€銆€For a head massage, just sit back and massage the following points: 1.

Tianmen open hole method: the two thumb fingers are close to the Yintang hole, and the remaining fingers of both hands are fixed on the two sides of the head.

The left thumb is first vertically incident from the Yintang hole, pushed to the upper star point by the Shenting acupoint, and then the two thumbs are left lower, upper right, upper left, and lower right alternately push.

The technique is slow to fast, from light to heavy, and it is repeatedly pushed for about 1 minute. At this time, the local heat is generated and concentrated on the eyebrow.


Baihui point point according to the palm of the law: use the right thumb tip to press at the Baihui point, and then use the thumb to rotate the thumb immediately after the partial re-expansion of the numbness, so repeat the alternating for about 30 seconds, immediately with the palm of the hundredThe acupoint is the axis, and the force is fully clamped and rotated for about 30 seconds.


Jade hammer slamming method: use the fingertip as a hammer, both hands at the same time, from the back to the front, from the left to the right slamming the entire head, repeated order, not to be missed.

When the sniper is forced by the wrist, the force is even, not too heavy, not too light, with a distorted sense of oscillation and not pain.

About 1 minute.


Ten-finger combing method: refers to combing, fingertips focus on the scalp, hands at the same time, starting from the forehead fan-shaped from front to back push.

The technique is based on sputum, and the soft belt is just.

At this point, you will feel the head relaxed and comfortable.

About 1 minute.

Stroke the rest method: use the palms of the head to separate the head, face, and eyebrows.

Slightly rubbing, about 1 minute, then end the entire massage session.

Beware of the top five home radiation killers


Beware of the top five home radiation killers

What is advanced?

Simply put, it is the ever-increasing number of household appliances at home.

Computers, TVs, microwave ovens, induction cookers, stereos. Carefully count, household appliances of large size and small size can use the word “stacking mountains.”

The mountainous household appliances also bring up the mountain of electromagnetic radiation.

Is it “due to potential waste”?

This is unlikely.

Since it is not possible, then let’s take a little “anti-fraud” knowledge.

銆€銆€No. 1 killer: Yuba glare burns the eye, the bulb of the Yuba is very bright, and the bathroom can be heated quickly in a short time.

However, even if you take a bath under the Yuba, glare can easily burn your eyes.

銆€銆€Experts say: strong light can cause light pollution.

Frequent use of Yuba, there will be dizziness, insomnia, inattention, loss of appetite and other symptoms, this is because too much dazzling light interferes with the central nervous system function of the human brain.

There are also data showing that light pollution can reduce the visual function of infants and young children and affect children’s vision development.

銆€銆€Protective measures: It is recommended to extract infrared scrub bulbs.

With the performance index of ordinary heating bulbs, it is not glare, does not harm vision, and can protect the skin from strong light stimulation and activate blood circulation.

In addition, when using Yuba, do not directly aim at the Yuba lamp, and try to reduce the contact between the line of sight and the bulb.

銆€銆€No. 2 killer: disinfection cabinet ozone stimulation respiratory disinfection cabinet, dishwasher and other modern household appliances, can effectively eliminate bacteria.

However, once ultraviolet light and ozone leak, serious can be life-threatening.

銆€銆€Experts said: When the disinfection cabinet is working, ultraviolet or ozone sterilization is generally used.

Excessive intake of ozone can cause severe irritation of the respiratory tract, causing sore throat, chest tightness and cough, causing bronchitis and emphysema; ozone causes neurotoxicity, dizziness, headache, decreased vision, memory loss; ozone can destroy human skinVitamin E causes wrinkles and dark spots on the skin.

銆€銆€Protective measures: When using the ozone disinfection cabinet, the cabinet door must not be opened during its work to avoid ozone leakage.

After the work is completed, it is best to open the door after 20 minutes.

銆€銆€Killer No. 3: The distortion of the sound caused the deaf to watch the movie at home. The surround sound, the sound of the subwoofer is not worse than that in the cinema.

However, do you know?

Clinical medical data statistics, living in a noise environment above 80 decibels, the possibility of deafness is 50%.

銆€銆€Experts said: The noise generated by the sound can be as high as 80 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a lawn mower. This decibel can directly damage the hearing.

The sound is adjusted to a large volume and the distortion distortion is high, the midrange is unclear, the bass is turbid, and the distortion is a kind of noise.

銆€銆€Medical research shows that household noise is one of the causes of children’s silence and dumb, and noise can also affect children’s mental and physical development.

銆€銆€Protective measures: The total volume of the sound is controlled at 1 / 4-1 / 3 of the maximum volume.

In addition, every time after listening to the music, develop the habit of turning the volume adjustment knob to the minimum, so that the next time you turn on the phone, you will not be together with the music, and the neighbors will scare yourself.

銆€銆€Killer No. 4: TV radiation full length spotted clean face, then turn on the TV for an hour or two.

After that, look at your face in the mirror and your face is a bit dark.

Then wipe the face with a white wet wipe, leaving a layer of black on the wipes.

This is because the dust in the air is affected by the radiation of the television as described above.

銆€銆€Experts say: traditional TV sets radiate through.

These televisions use an electronic gun to perform progressive scans, and the resulting radiation is most harmful around the TV, especially within 1 meter of the TV.

TV radiation can cause long spots on the end face.

Watching TV for a long time will produce “TV disease”, including decreased vision, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, and indigestion.

銆€銆€Protective measures: Usually watch TV and look down a little, don’t turn off the lights and watch TV.The distance to watch TV should be moderate. The diagonal of the screen can be used as the standard. It can be no more than 7 times, and the distance is 4-5 times.

It doesn’t take more than 2 hours to watch TV every time.

銆€銆€No. 5 killer: refrigerator electronic fog damage nerves Many people like to put the refrigerator in the living room, which is very unscientific, the refrigerator is working at a high magnetic field position.

銆€銆€Experts said: When the refrigerator is running, the magnetic field released by the heat pipe on the back side or below is tens or even hundreds of times higher than the front.

In addition, too much dust in the heat pipe of the refrigerator will have an effect on electromagnetic radiation, and the more dust, the electromagnetic radiation.

If the refrigerator shares a socket with the TV, the electromagnetic wave will cause the image of the TV to be unstable when the refrigerator is running, which means that the electromagnetic wave of the refrigerator is very large.

銆€銆€The release of electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths and frequencies forms an electron mist that affects the human nervous system and physiological functions.

The electromagnetic wave has a strong penetrating power and penetrates deep into the deep tissues and organs through the body surface. People usually do not pay attention to it. Once the surface tissue pain occurs, it means that the deep tissue or organ has been seriously damaged.

銆€銆€Protective measures: The refrigerator should be placed in a place where the kitchen does not stay often; try to avoid getting close to it or place food when working in the refrigerator; often use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust off the heat pipe.

Turning on the light to sleep may cause cancer


Turning on the light to sleep may cause cancer

A new study found that people who turn on the light to sleep or who have a natural sleep pattern that is disturbed by artificial light may have a greater cancer risk than the average person.

Therefore, children are afraid at night or convenient for adults to take care of children at night and do not turn on the lights at night.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€浜洪€犲厜绾垮浜轰綋鐨勭牬鍧忔€у奖鍝嶄細闄嶄綆浜轰綋闄嶉粦绱犵殑姘村钩銆侻elanin usually increases at night, protecting cells from damage, or cells are easily damaged by tumors.

銆€銆€Researchers at the London Children’s Leukemia Congress presented an increase in the incidence of childhood leukemia and exposure to light at night.

Although researchers don’t know much about the real causes of leukemia in children, they believe that environmental factors play a major negative role in children with leukemia.

A research team led by Russell Wright, a professor at the University of Texas, said that compared with the ratio of 100 years ago, people now spend a lot of time exposed to artificial light at night.

銆€銆€At night, the natural circadian rhythm of direct light disturbs the state, and this circadian clock controls the biological processes of animals and plants that cycle for 24 hours.

This damage inhibits the normal secretion of melanin at night.

The secretion of melanin is mainly concentrated between 9:00 pm and 8:00 am.

Professor Wright said that the reduction of melanin has been associated with microbial growth and its proliferation.

Professor Wright said: “We are growing in a bright or dark environment.

銆€銆€Melanin increases dramatically at night, which helps the body rest and metabolism.

If people are exposed to artificial light at night, their ability to secrete melanin will be limited.

Once you go to bed, you should turn off the lights until you wake up the next morning.

Without melanin, carbohydrate growth and cellulose damage to DNA will increase.

As an antioxidant, melanin protects against the destruction of DNA oxidation.

Once destroyed, DNA may mutate and cancer may occur.

Professor Wright said that although there is no clear evidence that excessive artificial light is the chief culprit in the increased incidence of childhood leukemia, it is indeed a very likely cause.

He said that people think that using electro-optical light is a matter of course, but they did not think that electro-optic is a drug and is an environmental pollutant.

Excessive electro-optic does have an impact. People should be cautious when using electro-optic in their lifetime. Do not turn on the lights at night.

Children should not be allowed to sleep with lights on, and you should also be careful to turn on the lights as little as possible at night.

銆€銆€Previous studies have shown that people who work in electro-optical environments on some nights have a higher probability of developing breast cancer than ordinary people.

The study also showed that blind people may generally have lower cancer.

Because the blind people do not need electric lights at night, the secretion process of melanin is not affected.

Russell Foster, a professor of visual neuroscience at the Royal College of London, says that almost all life on Earth has the gene for a 24-hour clock that replaces the cycle.

銆€銆€Professor Russell said: “Biology clocks control or change our sleep patterns, vigilance, emotions, physical strength, blood pressure and other aspects of our physiology and behavior.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the incidence of childhood leukemia has risen sharply, and most of the patients are children under 5 years of age.

The incidence of leukemia in children under 5 years of age increased by more than 50% in the second half of the 20th century.