Modern urban men are prone to prostatitis

Modern urban men are prone to prostatitis

Prostatitis is an intricate pathological change of prostate infection, immunity, and neuroendocrine involvement caused by a variety of complex causes and causes, leading to urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain.

Once young people are under stress, if they cannot be released in time for effective rehabilitation, and if they are affected by some adverse factors in life, they will cause emotional tension, anxiety, and irregular diet.Easy to cause arthritis.

Prostatitis favors high-pressure men. The main reasons for the preference for high-pressure men are the following: 1. Prostatic hyperemia: The prolonged congestive state of the prostate is an important pathogenic factor for prostatitis.

In life, such as excessive or excessively unhealthy lifestyles, prolonged sedentary and inactivity will cause repeated perineal damage and prostatic hyperemia.

2. Germ infections: Bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viral microorganisms can all become sources of infection that cause prostatitis, most of which are caused by microbial infections.

Among them, bacteria are the most common, such as gonococci, non-gonococci.

For prostatitis caused by microbial infections, drugs can be used to reduce inflammation and adjust the pH of urine to remove heat and stasis.

3. Negative psychology: Many patients with prostatitis are accompanied by mental states such as tension, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Their perceived symptoms often do not match their actual condition, which is also called “tension prostatitis”.

Can be polished, the reason why the pressure becomes chronic, the reason is that under high pressure, the general immunity of the human body, coupled with bad living habits, these are the main causes of prostatitis under high pressure.It is the most scientific and effective. It establishes good living habits, maintains an optimistic and confident attitude, chooses effective ways to relieve stress, relieves tension in various ways, and overcomes anxiety and other active self-regulation. I believe that I will recover soon.

White pepper warm stomach black pepper kidney

White pepper warm stomach black pepper kidney

Pepper is not only a commonly used seasoning, but also has certain medicinal properties, which can inhibit the effect of diet therapy.

But pepper is black and white, and different types are suitable for different cooking alternatives. What is the difference between the two in terms of nutrition and efficacy?

  Generally speaking, most of peppers are grown in high temperature and long-term humid areas, and the taste is hot, so the effect of dispersing cold and analgesia in the middle is stronger.

The pepper growing in the south is warmer, because it fully absorbs the hot air of the south.

Therefore, Hainan pepper has the strongest heat.

  White pepper has a slightly higher medicinal value and a lesser flavoring effect.

Its taste is more spicy than black pepper, so it is cold and has a stronger stomach function.

People with many cold phlegm can add white pepper to mutton soup to warm the lungs and reduce phlegm.

Some people are prone to stomach pain, which is caused by coldness in the stomach and intestines. Ginseng, atractylodes, and white pepper seasoning can be added to stew meat. In addition to dispersing cold, it can also warm the spleen and stomach.

Usually eat cold salad, it is best to add some white pepper noodles to cool down and prevent cold.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black-colored food enters the kidneys. Therefore, black pepper warms the spleen and kidneys significantly. It can treat “chicken diarrhea” (referring to diarrhea in the morning) caused by spleen and kidney deficiency.Seasoned broth.

When cooking with black pepper, pay attention to two points: First, it should not be too long with the meat, because black pepper contains volatile oil, and its unique spicy flavor will evaporate when heated for too long; the second is that the high heat allowsThe flavor of pepper is stronger, so the preset effect of iron plate is better.

  Due to the high heat of pepper, it is easy for people to have yang in the body, so it is best not to eat more each time, at 0.

About 3 grams to 1 grams is more convenient.

In addition, people who are inflamed and get angry should temporarily ban pepper, otherwise they will be more likely to get angry.

Fitness exercises to improve female sexual function

Fitness exercises to improve female sexual function

Swimming: The frog and butterfly must exercise the muscles of the thighs and pelvis. These two positions are often used for long-term exercise. Because of the strong abdominal muscles, it can also improve female sexual function. It will feel better when having sex.

  Bicycle: This is the most easily absorbed exercise method, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also effective for the exercise of foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Jogging / walking: It has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Maintaining exercise for more than 30 minutes a day will help to lose weight, which can increase women’s sexual desire.

  Volleyball: The exercise effect on the arm muscles and abdominal muscles is particularly obvious. At the same time, it is also very helpful to improve your sensitivity, so that you can strengthen your collaboration ability and enjoy more fun between bed changes.

These foods relieve constipation

These foods relieve constipation

Roses, jasmine, buckwheat, pine nuts, sesame, previous rice, peas, eggs, black fungus, white fungus, brown sugar, spinach, carrots, beef, rabbit meat, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, oranges.

  These foods aggravate constipation!

  Bread, instant noodles, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, ume, lotus seeds, sashimi, pomegranate, cream cake, fatty meat, fried food, preserved food.

  These foods relieve constipation!

  Apples, pears, bananas, mung bean sprouts, duck meat, rabbit meat, loofah, cucumber, rice, millet, wheat, mung bean, cabbage, tomato, tofu, reed root, pistacia.

  Wine, chili, ginger garlic, pepper, pepper, cumin, bread, instant noodles, coffee, biscuits, lamb, dog meat, catfish, grass carp, fried food.

  Relieve constipation and eat the initial lower abdomen!

Eating Cereal Fiber Most at Your Age

Eating Cereal Fiber Most at Your Age

Cereal fiber has the effect of promoting bowel movements, preventing constipation, preventing colon cancer and colorectal cancer, and can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol content in the blood.

  Inhibits the accumulation of adults in the body, and has a better preventive effect on the occurrence of heart disease such as myocardial infarction.

  Researchers at home and abroad have found that people who have less absorption of grain fiber have a higher incidence of heart disease, and vice versa.

Experts also pointed out that the absorption of vegetable fiber has nothing to do with the occurrence of heart disease, and vegetable fiber cannot replace the health effects of cereal fiber.

Therefore, supplementing cereal fiber can only be taken from cereal foods.

  Among the common grains, oats contain the most cereal fiber, up to 7.


Oatmeal itself is rich in cereal fiber, and contains antioxidants, which can effectively prevent the generation of carcinogen peroxide peroxide.

It also contains a large amount of phospholipids to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

It can be said that oatmeal is a health food with a variety of prevention of senile diseases, and it is very likely to prevent disease and keep fit if it is properly consumed for a long time.

Roasted celery can be used for thrombotic myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction

Roasted celery can be used for thrombotic myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction

Celery is the most common home-cooked dish on our table, but some people don’t like the smell of celery, but this smell is just a good helper for health.

If you are tired of stir-frying celery and mixing celery, try “roasted celery”, which is not only delicious and delicious, but also more nutritious and healthy.

  According to Chinese health and nutrition experts, related foreign studies have shown that the strong aroma emitted when roasting celery is the most important functional ingredient in celery-diazabenzene. The biggest role of diazabenzene is to prevent thrombosis, soPrevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

Moreover, after the celery is roasted, it can improve its medicinal effect.

In addition, diazabenzene can quickly break down trace amounts and proteins, so eating roasted celery can also help lose weight and promote metabolism.

  In life, many people are already very familiar with the role of celery in lowering blood pressure.

That’s because celery contains a lot of potassium that the human body can easily absorb and use.

So as long as someone at home has high blood pressure, doctors and family members will let them eat celery often.

However, they may not be able to eat it after a few bites, because the concentration of celery is very large, and they will soon feel full.

But if you eat it baked, you can eat a bit more, and if you change it, you won’t feel so tired.

  Diabetics eat roasted celery every day. The rich supplementary fiber can slow the absorption of sugar and prevent the blood sugar level from rising rapidly after eating.

  The method of roasting celery is very simple: put a large fresh celery (a family of three people), wash it, dry the surface moisture, and cut it into 4?
5 cm section, thicker part, can be cut thinner.

After that, put it in the oven or microwave oven and bake it on a low heat. When the celery is roasted into a light brown, it becomes.

If you want to make the taste better, you can add some lemon juice to taste before eating, which can eliminate the odor during baking, and can also replace the vitamin C lost by heating due to replacement.

  Even if you eat the ingredients, about 60 grams per day is enough.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to eat. If you can eat on an empty stomach, it is best.

Xie Xinyi: Yoga is the main possession and lifelong companion of human beings

Xie Xinyi: Yoga is the main possession and lifelong companion of human beings

Xie Xinyi Xie Xinyi’s acceptance of yoga is a simple and natural thing. In fact, a glass of water, drink cool and cool, your body needs it, feels healthy and happy, so aware of a good habit, so willing to repeat it every day, Continues forever.

This experience and experience is the understanding of yoga by Xie Xinyi, a special instructor of AAA Group-Liangliang International.

  Mr. Xie has been engaged in yoga promotion and teaching for 8 years. In September 2001, he participated in a yoga instructor training class held by Guangzhou Guojian Health Center, learning basic theories and posture methods of yoga. He was certified by the Ministry of Health as a yoga instructor and possessed California.Certificate of Advanced Yoga Instructor from Life College.

  In order to better study yoga, teacher Xie studied in India in 2003, asana, breathing control method, meditation, high temperature yoga.

  Humanity and exquisite graciousness are the teaching styles of Teacher Xie’s yoga. Therefore, it can be accepted by scholars and won the outstanding yoga instructor award in the first ancient yoga in Beijing in 2004.

She firmly believes: “Yoga is the main possession of human beings and my lifelong companion. May yoga bring every joy and happiness around me.

I will do it the next day, sweet and sour, and I will do more nutrition at home than the restaurant chef.

I will do it the next day, sweet and sour, and I will do more nutrition at home than the restaurant chef.

Hello friends, the two dishes brought to you today are the pickled fish. The grass carp has nourishing appetizers. It is a health food that is warmed up in the warmth. There are various kinds of braised, fried, boiled, sweet and sour, and steamed.Today, Xiaobian introduces the simple practice of home-cooked pickled fish to learn from each other.

First, let us introduce the need for food materials today.

The materials are ginger, garlic, grass and fish, sauerkraut, chicken, salt, and cooking oil.

Practice, cut the grass fish meat into 1 cm thick slices, garlic chopped, ginger shredded, sauerkraut shredded spare, above.

After the oil is put into the pan and the oil is hot, the fish fillets are fried until they are half-golden.

Then use the original pot to put the oil into the garlic, add the sauerkraut after the sautéed ginger, add the salt to the water and the fillet for about 5 to 8 minutes, and mix the chicken essence to the pan.

This is the simple and delicious sour and sour pickled fish today, the taste is quite good, let’s try it.

Ok, today our food tour is here, friends can click on the attention, collection, comment and forwarding are the driving force behind our update of quality content.

The new standard for young people in the contemporary era: double speed to watch the drama into a trend, believe in metaphysics without trusting in the unbelief


The new standard for young people in the contemporary era: “double speed” to watch the drama into a trend, believe in metaphysics without trusting in the unbelief

In the current era, everything is changing fast.

Especially for young people, they also said that they had eaten chickens two days ago. The health and coronation cats are their own standard, but now they have become no one.

5 times the chase is embarrassed to say that he is young.

The slogan of consumer downgrades is raging, and the middle-aged youth who used to upgrade their luxury and consumption have to learn to “control the wallet” and enjoy the fun of poverty.

So, they learned to carpool, fight, and even spell look (commonly known as: a pair of clothes to wear).

They no longer worship the modern girl in the world, because it is extravagant to live healthy.

The fast-paced lifestyle, the lengthening and lengthening of domestic dramas, has given birth to the new trend of “double speed” to watch the script, and countless young people are affixed with the label of “2x speed youth”.

Therefore, there is no standard for contemporary youth, because the standard will change in the next second.

“2x speed” is not a script. It is a poem on the Internet two days before the time: “How nervous is the contemporary young people?”

Watching a play must be 2 times faster.

Throughout the review of the millennium, the proportion of the dumping display shows that “double speed” play has become the “standard” for contemporary young people to pursue drama.


25 times, moderate speed;

5 times, faster with inexplicable joy; 2 times, it looks like fast-forward magic.

“Modern young people, isn’t there any patience to catch up with a drama?”

“In fact, this pot can not be completely backed by “young people.”

After all, the number of domestic TV series started in 2017 is almost 50+.

“Chu Qiao Chuan” 67 episodes, “Fujian” 66 episodes, “Kyushu 路 Maritime Muyun Ji” 75 episodes, and just finished the “Yanlan Raiders” 70 episodes and in the hot broadcast “Rugao Biography” 87 episodes, the lengthy episode setting allows young people who can only rely on fragmented time to watch the drama, must choose “double speed” to play.

In fact, the volume of TV dramas in 2017 has exceeded 450, and the average number of single units has reached 39.

Eight episodes, coupled with the uneven production level of the film and television industry, monotonous scenes, plot water, lack of actors and other skills, it is difficult to ask young people to pay for a drama.

And lock CP, speed chasing drama, hair bomb screen, chasing hot stalks, homemade expression packs, friends circle chase, these are the ultimate esoteric of contemporary young people.

N taxi software, is it safe to exchange?

The birth and popularity of taxi software has facilitated the transportation of people and saves time and efficiency.

Especially for young people, it is inseparable from this “one-click car, say go and go” mode.

Therefore, through Uber, the development of Didi, people no longer rely on the roadside interception of taxis as a single way, followed by special cars, express trains, rides and other forms are replaced by multiple, also let us in the phoneAlways put the taxi software in the most conspicuous position.

However, the monopoly of Didi on the market completely makes Uber, Shouqi and other conflicts difficult to survive, and it has also spawned many terrible security problems.

The inferior service, poor management, different levels of drivers, and lax punishments have led to frequent incidents of online hot search due to passengers’ suffering, which has caused people’s panic, especially for young people who go to work.

“I have to work overtime every day. When I get to the taxi on the road at night, I can’t even get a car. I can only rush to the phone to install three or four taxis and call the car at the same time.” The latest standard for young people in the future,It is the N taxi software in the mobile phone.

What we want to call is not a car, but a security.

Melatonin can not save the insomnia party. This young man is experiencing a serious crisis than hair loss, that is, sleep is not good.

A 20-year China Post-90s Youth Sleep Index Study for more than 20 provinces (regions and cities) shows that China’s average sleep time after 90s is only 7.

5 hours, far below the normal sleep value (8?
9 hours), and 30.

9% of people need to sleep more than 30 minutes, 0.

9% need medication to help sleep.

Therefore, melatonin has become an almost standard configuration for young people.

Friends who want to recommend melatonin in the circle of friends are not in the minority.
Even most of the young people tried all the melatonin on the market and wrote it into a discussion of experience.

As young people, we can’t afford to hold the iPhone (of course, it may be Huawei, vivo, oppo鍟?, but also can’t do without the melatonin to save the sleeping face, but also know how to stay up late after sleeplessness.
Do not believe in the unbelief, believe in metaphysics, there is such a problem, I think very interesting: “Why are more and more young people now beginning to believe in metaphysics?

“Why is this happening to me?”

Recently, things are not going well. Do you want to go to the master to calculate?

How can we make a fortune and not lose money?

Contemporary young people, who are not tired of forwarding various koi every day in order to make a smooth profit, can even replace those articles such as “The xx event not to be done after the age of 30” and read it over and over again.

It turns out that the present people, do not believe in the unbelief, do not believe that they only believe in metaphysics.

In particular, the accumulation of cumulative age seems to have lost the fearlessness of the unknown, and finally it has become the existence of all things in the world.

There are even things that we can’t even see, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Is life, is it God, or is it inevitable?

There is always a need for a reasonable explanation for the doubts in the heart to be answered.

However, if one day when you find that metaphysics is not too long, what should we believe?

The koi emoticon pack, the daily popularity of metaphysics, also drove the koi emoji market.

To be precise, from the beginning of the grass carp that represented the Koi deity, the young people began to be keen on turning the Koi emoticon pack daily to help them realize their fortune 鈫?weight loss 鈫?avoid water reversal 鈫?good luck 鈫?soSingle and so on.

Moreover, the world competition for the Koi emoticon package is also quite intense.

From the grass carp to the recent fire, “Yang surpasses the body” and then to the previous two days of “forwarding the nightmare Yaobao promotion”, the C position of the Koi world is also changing day by day.

But what remains unchanged is the belief that people are convinced.

No matter which kind of koi, I can’t wait to download it all, all kinds of koi expression packs fill the mobile phone, and it has become a new indicator to identify you as a young person.

However, the greasyness of contemporary young people, is it not from the forwarding of various koi?

Spicy contemporary young people also have a “new standard”, that is spicy.

In short, you have to eat spicy.

If you don’t have the ability to eat spicy, it is equal to being excluded from the social circle.

After all, today’s young people like to gather iqos in addition to gathering people, still like to gather people to eat spicy.

The three dishes of the workers, Xiaoxiang Pavilion on Chaowai Street, Xiaoxiang Pavilion in Sanlitun, Mama on the Andingmen Street, Miss Fu from the Drum Tower, and the young people lined up at the Hongchuan Restaurant can bypass the earth for two laps.

Moreover, Sichuan cuisine seems to have a magical power. It is for those girls who are eating and eating salads on weekdays to give up their principles after hearing a colleague’s friends. They walked straight into the ocean of Sichuan cuisine.

Is it really delicious how Sichuan cuisine is?

Is it really resistant to spicy?

It’s not because of the addiction and coolness after the spicy, the fear of contemporary young people may only be completely forgotten when they are spicy.

But at the end of the day, I still want to say that no matter how many new standards the contemporary young people have, for them, they will never be outdated or “worried” where there is no place.

You said, right?

When is the best time to wean?

When is the best time to wean?

Breast milk is the best food for babies, but transforming your baby’s growth requires more nutrients to help the growth and development proceed normally.

At this time, breast milk is far from meeting the child’s growth needs, and weaning naturally becomes imperative.

  So, when is the best time to wean?

How can weaning not hurt the child’s body?

  Weaning time: One year old is the best in spring and autumn. From a scientific point of view, spring and autumn are the best seasons for baby weaning, because the two seasons have the right temperature and the child is not easy to get sick. In the hot summer, we must add otherFood can easily cause children’s digestive tract diseases; weaning in winter can easily make your baby cold.

  Many mothers think that after six months of breastfeeding, there is no nutrition, so they choose to wean the baby at the age of six.

Although weaning a baby at six months is relatively easy, because the age is relatively young and the types of foods that can be added are monotonous, the baby may be significantly thinner after weaning, with some diseases.

For the baby’s health, the best choice for weaning should be around the age of one year, because at this stage of the baby, the transformation provided by complementary foods can reach more than 60% of its total food content, thereby giving the baby the condition of weaning.

  Weaning process: step-by-step clever use of complementary foods to make breast milk clean and well, it is best to use a step-by-step method.

  A mother adapts her baby to various complementary foods before weaning her, so that the complementary foods gradually replace breast milk.

She interrupted breast milk during the day, and replaced it with complementary foods and fruits during the day. When the baby could not remember breast milk during the day, she broke off the baby’s milk in the middle of the night, and finally broke the milk before going to bed.

In this process, her baby completely said goodbye to breast milk, and the baby did not cry, but became much fatter.

  Experts suggest that once a mother decides to wean her baby, she must proceed decisively and not give up the weaning because the baby is crying.

Of course, weaning cannot be done when your baby is sick.

Some mothers, for the sake of safety, it is also highly recommended to have a baby undergo a physical examination before weaning.

  Weaning skills: Isolation and absorption may not be the best policy Many elderly people think that weaning is very difficult, so they always urge mothers to avoid driving their children for a few days when they are weaning them, and some even completely isolate them.

If isolation is not possible, apply stimulants such as hot peppers, jackpot and other stimulants to the mother’s nipples, making the baby unwilling to breastfeed.

  It can make your baby feel insecure. Although weaning is also effective, it is a very painful process for the baby.

For mothers, this process is just as difficult.

  In fact, isolation can easily make your baby feel insecure.

Although the baby is relatively small, it will still be affected by the body.

Therefore, it is best to avoid this practice.

In addition, the practice of applying irritants will cause the baby to refuse the smell of such foods in the future, which is also not desirable.

  For mothers, the swelling caused by weaning at once will be very painful. Even if you take some rewetting medications, it may not be effective. The gradual way can make the mother’s weaning process and the baby’s weaning simultaneously.