24 foods that should not be affected by babies

24 foods that should not be affected by babies

Foreign studies have found that infants and children under the age of five will adjust their diet to maintain a certain overall change according to food concentration, transfer, and their satiety. For example, give a child a high-content cake before meals., The children will decrease by themselves.

  Food types and portions for dinner.

However, if parents adopt a “fill-in duck” diet, it is not only easy to break the balance of the child’s total transformation, but also it is easier for them to get closer to the baby due to the wrong eating habits and the factors that cause the baby to become obese in the future.

  24 types of foods that are not suitable for babies. Babies over the age of one year begin to learn the diet of adults. However, most parents will adopt “what adults eat, and children follow what they eat.” Especially working women who work all day are mostly replaced by convenience.The main market foods, such as: biscuits, candy, meatballs, milkshakes, fries, burgers and other foods.

But do you know that certain food choices are not suitable for little babies?


Raw eggs: Raw eggs are prone to dirt on the shell of the eggs, such as chicken feces, chaff, salmonella, etc. Therefore, when the eggs are not sufficiently washed, it is easy to make the baby with poor gastrointestinal development sick.

Eat up to 3 cooked eggs a day, too much will cause excess nutrition and lead to dysfunction.


Heavier flavoring seasonings: such as: sand tea sauce, tomato sauce, hot pepper sauce, mustard, miso, or excessive sugar, etc. Heavier flavoring seasonings can easily increase the baby’s high blood pressure and interfere with the body’s other nutritionAbsorption.


Raw cold seafood: such as: sashimi, oyster and other seafood, even if fresh, but through the cooking process, infection and allergies are prone to occur.


A small amount of hard food: such as peanuts, nuts and popcorn, it is easy for the baby to choke, try not to feed the baby; because, like fiber-rich ingredients, such as: vegetable stems or exhausted meat, you should try your bestavoid.


Honey: It is a natural and non-sterile food. Because it contains (botulinum) Clostridium botulinum spores, when contaminated with botulinum, it will multiply and release botulinum toxin in the body, causing infant-type meat.Tobacco poisoning, coupled with gastrointestinal absorption is not easy, so the baby should be consumed after the age of one year.


Processed food.


Fried food.


Spinach: It contains a large amount of oxalic acid, which is not easily absorbed in the human body, which can cause children with poor bone and tooth development.


Jelly: It has no nutritional value. Eating more or eating it will affect children’s growth and development.


Salted fish: Before the age of 10, salted fish were often eaten, and the risk of cancer in adults was 30 times higher than that of ordinary people.


Bubble Gum: The plasticizer is slightly toxic and its metabolites are harmful to the human body.


Beans: Contains a factor that can cause goiter, and children are more vulnerable during growth and development.


Canned food: The food additives in it can have an adverse effect on children and easily cause chronic poisoning.


Instant noodles: Instant noodles are one of the popular fast foods today. They consist of fried noodles, salt, and MSG.

Because of its special flavor, many babies like to eat it, and parents often use it as the main food in their diet.

However, the biggest drawback of instant noodles is the lack of protein, traces, vitamins and trace elements, which are essential nutrients for the development of children’s various organs and tissues.


Sunflower seeds: It contains unsaturated fatty acids. Children who eat too much will affect the function of liver cells and cause children’s xerostomia.   16.

Cola drinks: It contains a certain amount of caffeine, which affects the central nervous system. Children should not drink more.


Animal aunt: Eating more will no longer cause obesity and will affect calcium absorption.


Oranges: Eating more often results in “chlorophyll skin disease”, and even abdominal pain and diarrhea, causing bone disease.


Shish kebab: Children often eat fire-roasted and smoked foods, which cause carcinogens to accumulate in the body and make adults prone to cancer.


Chocolate: Excessive consumption causes the central nervous system to be in an abnormally excited state, causing anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and affecting appetite.

  twenty one.

Pig liver: Children often eat or eat more, combined with elevated plasma in the body, adults are likely to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  twenty two.

Western fast food: Western fast food is especially favored by children for its good dining environment, style and attractive flavor.

As a result, parents spared no expense, but too many children have become this little fat man, and have been associated with many “civilized diseases” such as high blood pressure, diabetes, corpse liver, and obese brain.

  Because foreign snacks are high in feces and high in content, but the vitamin content is reduced.

Coupled with the cooking methods of deep-frying, frying and roasting, the proportion of various nutrients is seriously unbalanced.

For example, the transient state provided by a Western fast food can often reach more than thousand kilocalories, which has already accounted for 88% -113% of the daily replenishment standard for a 3-year-old child, of which this accidental provision also accounts for 40% of the total change-59%.

  So much radiation enters the baby’s body, which will inevitably exceed the normal metabolism needs, so it is transformed into an adult and accumulated in the body, making the baby fat.

  twenty three.

Concentrated food: Many parents often give their babies polished rice and noodles.

Medical experts believe that eating too much fine food for a long time will affect the development of the baby’s nervous system due to reduced intake of B vitamins.

In addition, it will affect the development of vision due to the loss of too much chromium and become a major cause of myopia.

  Chromium is an important hormone in the human body. When it is inadequate, the activity of recombinant insulin decreases, and the ability to regulate blood sugar decreases. As a result, sugar in food cannot be metabolized normally and stays in the blood.

Eventually, changes in the refractive power of the eyes result in myopia.

  twenty four.

Acidic food: Acidic food does not refer to the taste of food, but not to various meats, eggs and confectionery.

These foods are often considered by parents as high-nutrition products, but their final metabolites in the human body are acidic components, which causes the blood to be acidic. Excessive consumption may cause the baby to form an acidic constitution, allow the brain to develop normally and maintain brain physiological functionsPotassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other elements are consumed in large quantities, causing confusion and autism.

Network: Lonely Behind the Lively

Network: Lonely Behind the Lively

Common netizens publish articles on the Internet, such as BBS.

In addition to expressing joy, sorrow, and joy, everyone invariably showed a feeling of physical fatigue.

The most is that I feel more and more lonely and fewer and fewer friends.

  ”On the Internet, no one knows who you are.”

The “identity loss” of young Internet users on the Internet makes them feel free and free on the Internet, mutual attacks on the Internet, verbal abuse, unconstrained “online dating”, “online marriage”, and a large number of pornographic stimuli.Emotional understanding is dislocated, and serious emotional disorders will result.

  At first glance, this is a very unreasonable phenomenon.

Especially for people who are new to the Internet, it is even more incredible.

They will think that although the Internet has been online for a long time, there will be some relatives and friends in the real life, but the Internet provides us with a huge space, so that we can reach friends from all over the world, how can we be lonely?

  Scientific analysis Katz and other psychologists have conducted research in 1997 to confirm that there is no difference in the number of interactions between Internet users and non-users.

They believe that “accompanied by the fact that the Internet has created a world of strangers, it is better to say that the Internet has created a country with richer contacts and friendships.”

In this case, where does loneliness come from?

  If we analyze it carefully, it is not difficult to find a very critical issue: the quality of communication is not the quantity.

  It is difficult to guarantee high quality for communication in the network.

When people interact with other people, they understand each other more by understanding each other’s words, expressions, postures, behaviors, etc. In the network, this information will be lost a lot.

Among other things, the simplest information of gender alone has become a very difficult obstacle to surpass online.

  The typical manifestations of network psychological disorder are low mood in daily life, no feeling of happiness or loss of interest, sleep disturbance, biological clock distortion, decreased appetite, weight loss, easy excitement, decreased self-evaluation, reduced social activities in severe cases, and suicidal ideation.
  Joke on the Internet because of sex, I’m afraid I can’t finish it for days and nights.

I don’t even know the other person’s gender, how can we ensure the quality of the exchange?

Friendships formed in the network will become very fragile because of the state of the network and cannot withstand any blows.

  Internally, the anonymity of the network gives people a chance to show their true self.

It is this opportunity that has caused many people to give up their masks in life, and as a result, many people have discordant perceptions of themselves.

Gradually they will feel unaware that they are a certain person, leading to overlap and loneliness.

  At the same time, the behaviors of many people when they are anonymous also make them incompatible with the surrounding personalities. Similarly, the PK in MUD is often rejected by others, and their loneliness may be inevitable.

  From the current state of the Internet, it is still difficult for us to achieve a truly networked life. After all, we still have to return to reality.

Therefore, netizens have come to the real life from the Internet, have parties, party activities, etc., may be a good way to improve the quality of communication and promote mutual understanding.

  Especially those netizens who believe in “online dating”, don’t forget that online love can only bear fruit if it is rooted in reality.

What are the standing positions of Latin dance?

What are the standing positions of Latin dance?

If you want to use Latin dance fitness, you must learn Latin dance first, and if you want to learn Latin dance, you must first learn the basic posture of Latin dance.

Now let’s see what are the standing positions in the process of learning Latin dance, and what should we pay attention to.

  Stand with your feet side by side, trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and hips at a three-point line, with your eyes straight up, your neck straight, and your jaw slightly receded so that you can see the back of your neck straight.

  Tighten the chest to close the shoulder blades inward and backward, and lower the shoulders while pulling up the middle section of the body (thoracolumbar), so that the middle section of the body and the shoulders have a pressing force against each other.

  The chest is retracted slightly, the lower abdomen is pulled upwards, but the body should not be deformed excessively, and the torso of the upper body is felt straight.

The two thighs should be retracted slightly, the knees should be straight, not bent, and the muscles of the thighs and calves should be tightened, feeling like they are tightened in the opposite direction.

  Preparing gait posture: your left foot is forward, your toes are forward, your body’s center of gravity is on your left foot, and your body is trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and thighs into a line.

Open your right foot in the back, shrink and stretch it, point your thumb at the point, press your heel down, don’t lift it, and keep your feet straight.

  The right hip opens at an oblique 45 ° backward, so that the body forms a long straight line from the upper body to the right toe.

Correct formula of baby formula

Correct formula of baby formula

The formula is based on breast milk, which is a comprehensive transformation of milk, which is close to breast milk and meets the baby’s digestion, absorption and nutritional needs.

  With ordinary milk powder index, it corrects the shortcomings of protein and trace structure in milk, improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and adds some vitamins, trace elements, nucleotides, unsaturated fatty acids and other essential ingredients for infant growth and development.

Used as an alternative to breastfeeding or if breastfeeding is not possible.

So what should I pay attention to when making infant formula?

  The correct method for preparing baby formula 1, the water must be boiled completely. Do not use hot water from an electric thermos because it does not reach the boiling point or the boiling time is not enough.

  2. The boiling water must be adjusted to an appropriate temperature, and the water droplets should be connected to the wrist. It feels almost the same as the body temperature.

Because the water temperature is too high, the whey protein in the milk powder is expected to produce a clot, which affects digestion and absorption.

In addition, some vitamins that are unstable to heat will be destroyed, especially the immune-active substances added to some milk powder will be completely destroyed.

  3. Do not use pure water or mineral water to make milk powder.

Purified water loses the mineral elements of ordinary tap water, while mineral water has more mineral content and is complex due to its mineral content.

At present, household tap water has undergone scientific treatment and the quality meets standards. After the tap water is boiled, it is cooled to about 40 ° C and then used as milk powder.

  4, the amount of milk powder and water must be brewed according to the instructions on the tank, milk concentration is too strong or too thin, will affect the baby’s health.

The concentration must not be too high.

Milk powder contains sodium ions, so you need to add enough water to replace it.

If the concentration of milk powder is too high, the pressure of the blood vessel wall will increase after the infant enters, the digestive capacity will be difficult to bear, the excretory capacity of the kidney will be difficult to bear, and even renal failure will occur.

It is not enough to make milk powder too thin, which leads to insufficient protein content and also causes malnutrition.

  5. If the soaked milk powder has not been eaten, it should not be stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

Don’t put the warmer, the temperature in the warmer is higher than normal temperature, if it is kept in the refrigerator, it can’t exceed 24 hours.

If you have eaten and have leftovers, you should expand and not eat any more.

  6. The prepared milk powder can no longer be boiled, and the structure of the required protein, vitamins and other nutrients has changed, thereby losing continuous nutritional value.

If the baby drinks this milk again, the extra nutrition should be greatly reduced.

  7. Eat with other complementary foods.

This will not only enrich the dietary tastes of infants and young children, but also absorb the nutrients in other foods.

Nine moves to train your most manic legs

Nine moves to train your most manic legs

Are the legs beautiful, the muscles are sufficient, and the lines are slender . Nowadays, the sharp eyes of fashionable people are definitely better than X-rays. Do you think that a pair of pants can cover leg defects and can it be perfect?

no way!

Want to have manly legs with 100% glamour index, follow the editor to practice quickly is the king!

  Leaning leg curls exercise muscle group: the thigh muscles at the back.

  Essentials: The movement rhythm is smooth and uniform, keep breathing smooth, and with the feet relaxed, hook up the calves to alternate with the equipment, and pay attention not to lock the knee joint when the calves return to the starting position.
  Squat training muscle groups: glutes, erector spinae, quadriceps, calf muscles, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Tighten your chest, lift your head, sink your shoulders, and abdomen.

The weight of the barbell should be placed on the posterior cervical trapezius muscle. Do not press the barbell to the cervical spine.

When squatting, your upper limbs lean forward slightly, shift forward and backward, and at the same time shift your thighs parallel to the ground.

Do not allow the knee joint to exceed the toes after bending, and always keep the same level with the toes.

  Prone leg muscles: glutes, back muscles.

  Essentials: Always keep your upper limbs and support legs still.

Use the muscles of the buttocks to push your legs up and out.

It is sufficient to step up your legs until your thighs are parallel to your upper limbs. At the same time, your calves should be at a 90-degree angle with your thighs.

After several repetitions, the legs are exchanged.

  Straight leg arch bridge exercises muscle group: gluteal muscle, lumbar back muscle, hamstring muscle, quadriceps muscle, abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: On the base of a supine arch bridge with one leg standing still, stretch the exercise leg straight until it is continuous and still.

At the same time, the muscles of the hips, legs, and waist are contracted to drive the body to perform up and down exercises.

Remember to always keep the rear end out of contact with the ground.

After repeated iterations of the legs several times.

  The supine arch bridge exercises muscle groups: gluteal muscles, back muscles, hamstring muscles.

  Essentials: After lying on your back, your arms are naturally placed on your side, and your feet move towards your hips to a 90-degree angle with the ground.

At this time, both feet and shoulders naturally become the two fulcrum of the body. At the same time, the hips are contracted to drive the waist up, and then hold at the highest point for several seconds, then slowly fall back, and then repeat until exhaustion.

Remember to keep your chest out of the ground at all times.

  On the supine arch bridge, the one-leg still training muscle group: the glutes, the back muscles, the hamstrings, the quadriceps, and the abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Based on the supine arch bridge, using the supporting legs and shoulders as the fulcrum, practice the leg straight up and parallel to the thigh of the supporting leg to stay still, and restore the leg replacement after a few seconds.

Remember to keep your upper limbs and thighs at 180 degrees during the exercise and not shift them.

  Lung squat exercise muscles: gluteal muscles, quadriceps.

  Essentials: look up, chest up, shoulders, and abdomen.

The legs are evenly stretched and the chest is contracted. At the same time, when the body is normal and restored, the legs should always be separated with the shoulder width.

At that time, the thighs of the back support legs should always be on the same horizontal line with the upper limbs as 180 degrees, and the knee joints should be kept away from the ground.

The gradual completion of the body, the thighs that previously supported the legs were parallel to the ground, and the thighs of the two legs formed a natural 90-degree angle with the calf respectively.

Remember that the state and restoration of the body should always be driven by the rise and fall of the race department.

  Upright one-leg muscles: glutes, quads, calves, deltoids, erector spinae, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Extend parallel and keep your shoulders heavy.

Because the contraction of the body is driven by the chest doing a natural recoil, the knee joint should be careful not to lean forward at this time.

In order to achieve the best practice effect, it is advisable to take a 90-degree angle between the body and the thighs and calves of the supporting legs.

The kicked leg should be parallel to the thigh of the supporting leg, so that it can be restored after a few seconds, and the leg should be changed.  The supine ball on the arch bridge exercises muscle groups: glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae, and abdominal muscles.

  Essentials: Put your feet on the ball naturally after lying on your back, and form a support point with your shoulders while controlling the stability of the ball with the heel as the fulcrum.

Use the hip, waist, abdomen, and thigh muscles to drive the body to arch upwards. At the same time, your feet will naturally gradually shift to the soles of the feet and fully step on the ball. After holding for a few seconds, they slowly return.

In addition, during the exercise, the waist should be pushed up to twist as much as possible, and the back should always remain in contact with the ground.

Baby anorexia culprit is cold drink

Baby anorexia culprit is cold drink

On hot summer days, cold drinks are definitely the most direct cooling food, and they have many varieties and diverse tastes, which are often loved by children.

However, the doctor reminded that if children often take cold drinks, they will have symptoms such as loss of appetite and even anorexia, which will hinder development.

  It is said that Dr. Liang Youfu of the Nutrition Department of the PLA 302 Hospital stated that cold drinks usually contain ingredients such as edible fats and white sugar. If a child consumes a large amount, it will cause blood sugar to rise, loss of appetite, and severe cases will even affect the child’s growth and development.

Especially for babies under 6 months, they should absolutely refrain from cold drinks.

Infants exposed to these chemicals prematurely can cause breathing difficulties or even suffocation and death.

Simple little action slimming exercise

Simple little action slimming exercise

It turns out that weight loss can really be everywhere, and any detail in life can be seized to exercise and lose weight. It is too simple.


The door frame is obliquely pressed to receive too much meat: the body is about 1 step away from the door frame, and the hand touches the door frame and presses it for 3 seconds.

  Effect: The body parts that are not able to exercise on weekdays can be stretched very well.


Brush cup thin arm method: the arm is constantly raised, do the action of brushing the cup, change hands and do another 10 minutes.

  Effect: Tightening the arm and tightening the breast.


Backhand heavy weight lifting hips thin arm method: hands behind the body to do heavy lifting action.

  Effect: The hip line rises 2cm in one week and the arm is 2cm thin.


Reading abdomen and reducing leg method: When sitting in a chair reading a book, put a towel between your knees, keep the towel from falling down.

  Effect: tighten the stomach, excess meat in the thigh.


Open the door and thin limbs method: a.

Hands exchange the action of opening the door; b.

The two feet exchange the action of opening the door.

  Effect: Stretching excess meat from the limbs and sculpting the limbs.


Golden Rooster wears shoes and thin waist independently: one foot to do the action of wearing shoes.

  Effect: Stretch the excess meat at the waist and directly thin the waist.

Easy to improve the forgetful little movements

Easy to improve the forgetful little movements

Memory loss is a situation that many people will encounter in real life.

In fact, part of the memory loss is due to the continuous reduction of brain cells, but also for office workers, part of the reason for memory loss is that the indoor oxygen content is low.

Whatever the reason, we want to improve our memory.

How to improve?

Today, I teach you to do a few daily small moves to easily improve forgetfulness.

  Experts say that an adult’s brain weighs about 1500 grams, 2 of its weight.

About 5%, oxygen consumption accounts for 1/4 of the total oxygen consumption of the whole body.

It can’t be scaled, lack of oxygen, and only a few seconds of hypoxia can cause dizziness, black eyes, gold stars, and even syncope, life-threatening.

People who sit in the office often have dizziness and swell, and their memory is not as good as before. This is because the amount of activity is insufficient, blood circulation is not smooth, and blood supply to the brain is insufficient.

  Experts recommend some ways to improve your memory: step on your legs or on the table for a few minutes, remembering that your legs must be above the heart.

  When a person’s legs are raised above the heart, the blood in the feet and legs will flow back to the lungs and heart, which can replace the pressure of the foot and leg veins, and even increase the blood supply to the head.Make you refreshed.

  Shaking your head when you are fine, shaking your brain will also help improve your memory.

  The carotid artery is a conduit for supplying blood to the brain. Shaking his head and shaking the brain can get activity on these tissues, but it can not increase the blood supply to the brain. It can also reduce the possibility of slight deposition of carotid blood vessels, and is also conducive to the prevention of hypertension and cervical spondylosis.

  Inadvertent stretching is also good for the brain.

  When the body is in a posture, the peripheral blood vessels of the upper limb muscle tissue will accumulate a lot of blood. The process of stretching is just the process of muscle tightening and relaxation. The accumulated blood is returned to the heart, and the heart receives more blood and is transported to the whole body.There are more blood on the top and bottom, and the brain can get a piece of it.

  Good head blood circulation helps to improve memory and delay brain aging.

  Carrying a horn comb with a blade or brushing your head can improve the blood supply to the scalp.

The specific method is two hands and ten fingers, from front to back, from top to bottom, combing hair, doing three or four times a day, doing three or five minutes at a time, can enhance intelligence, nourish the brain, and be more ethical for patients with neurasthenia.

  50 times a day, it can pull the head muscles, promote blood circulation in the head and enhance the memory of the brain.

  When dental caries, saliva secretion will also increase, saliva contains salivary gland, which has the effect of delaying aging.

Preliminary studies have found that saliva contains cancer-suppressing ingredients, which can effectively prevent malignant tumors of the digestive tract.

  More fingers can stimulate the brain.

  The finger is the second brain of the human being. The nerves connected to the brain are the most. The fingers can effectively stimulate the brain and delay the death time of the brain cells.

  When you are fine, you can stretch your fingers, rub your fingers, alternate alternately, or alternate your fingertips with your left and right hands. You can also hold the fitness ball often and let the two fitness balls rotate in your hand.

Or combine rice and black beans, and then separate them separately, use these actions to exercise your hands to achieve the purpose of enhancing or maintaining the memory of the brain.

  ”Take your legs and drink water.”

  The brain is composed of two hemispheres. The right brain dominates the right limb, and the right brain dominates the left limb. Therefore, the activity of the lower limb stimulates the activity of the contralateral cerebral cortex and exerts a brain-building effect.

Jogging for a week, 5 times, one-and-a-half-hour exercise is simple, but it can improve memory.

  Moisture accounts for 50% of the brain. Drinking water can delay aging and benefit the brain.

When drinking water, you should master the principle of a small number of times. When you are thirsty, drink it again, indicating that you are already very short of water.

Q and A for fitness

Q and A for fitness

Q: My mother has high blood pressure and she has never exercised.

I am in my 20s and rarely exercise.

If you start exercising now, can you reduce your previous risk of developing diabetes? A: It’s possible.

Although scientific research has yet to confirm this, researchers have found that women who have experienced heavy physical exercise have a significantly lower rate of diabetes after menopause than those who do not.

  Researchers surveyed 1,550 women before and after menopause, who were 40?
Between the age of 85, there are people with cancer and some with health.

The survey respondents reviewed their participation in high-intensity exercise at the age of 16, 20, 10 and 2 years ago.

As a result, the sooner you participate in high-intensity exercise in your life, the less likely you are to develop diabetes later.

If you exercise an average of 30 minutes a day for the first 20 years of the previous period, the prevalence is 45% lower than that of people who are not exercising.

Among women after menopause, those with 20 years of exercise experience have a 49% lower prevalence than those who do not.

  Although the results of the above studies are not sexually transmitted diseases, starting exercise now is likely to reduce the possibility of diabetes in 20 years.

  Question: I have been practicing the rear barbell push and the rear neck pulley dragging. Now someone tells me that the strength exercises behind the neck are harmful to the shoulder joint.

is this real?

I have never had shoulder problems.

  A: The strength exercise behind the neck increases the possibility of injury, so it is no longer advocated.

When you do push-back of the neck, the shoulder joint and the upper end of the slender bone will be rubbed and injured. It may also damage the adjacent muscles, nerves and ligaments.

However, if your strength and flexibility are excellent, and the stability of the shoulder joints is also good, you may do these movements safely without injury.

Unfortunately, for most people, this is not the case, and there is no special advantage for the back of the neck exercise, so it is best to switch to the front of the neck.

  Dragging behind the neck is a controversial action.

Most experts recommend avoiding this exercise because dragging the back of the neck is often accompanied by a lowering of the head, which excessively pulls the cervical pedicle forward, which is dangerous to the shoulder and neck joints.

The front pull of the neck does not have the above problems at all, and it is better for exercising the hip muscles.

  Damage can sometimes build up, so being okay right now does not mean permanent safety.

It is best to follow the advice of experts.

  Q: No matter how I train, my arms are still not very strong.

Is my training method wrong, or am I born to be a long person.

  Answer: If you encounter the same situation when shaping other body parts, it is likely that it is caused by genetic genes.

But this is rare, and more likely, you need to make appropriate adjustments to your training plan.

  You can try to increase the frequency of strength exercises, practice three or four times a week.

In each exercise, make sure 4 different arm training exercises, including those for biceps, triceps, and flat muscles. In addition, it is best to change your exercise plan regularly to prevent muscles from agingThe set of movements adapts, and, add the load so that you can complete 3 sets of 10 in the correct posture?
12 times the weight.

In addition, you should do it four or five times a week for 30 each time?
45 minutes of aerobic exercise to cut slightly.

If your aerobic training volume has reached this frequency, you can add another 15 minutes of small training on this basis, so that you can walk quickly and wait for the maximum energy consumption.

  Finally, it is recommended that you pay careful attention to your diet; a scientific diet can also effectively prevent slight buildup and keep your muscles firm and tangible.

  Q: I am 24 years old and have a 1 year old child.

Before production, I ran 8 kilometers a day.

Now he is 18 kilograms heavier than he used to be, and he can no longer run for 1 kilometer.

I feel nervous.
But I want to resume exercise.

How should I encourage myself?

  Answer: You must be patient.
Your mind is still before the weight gain of 18 kg, so you may still run at the past speed, and of course, you will soon be out of breath.

  During the recovery period, your exercise goal should be how continuous, not how long.

For example, you set yourself a goal of 30 minutes, then alternately run for 1 minute, brisk walking for 2 minutes, and gradually increase the running time until you can run for 30 minutes without interruption.

This process takes about 6 weeks.

Keep your stride relaxed during your workouts, and save the energy you need to run a bit longer each time you run.

In this way, you will gradually strengthen your fitness until you return to your original level.

6 common foods make women eat more beautiful

6 common foods make women eat more beautiful

Healthy food in daily life, how women eat healthy and beautiful, reasonable diet, eat the following 7 things that every woman must eat.

  1. Cause: Aggravated damage contains more plant antioxidants than any other food.

Experts say: “These compounds are enough to reduce your risk of disease and help you fight memory loss.

Serving size: Target a cup of any kind of fresh or frozen alternative, at least three times a week, so that researchers recommend one cup a day.

Because it is full of high-quality, surprisingly full-bodied fibers, it can also help you lose weight.

How to eat: Toss them into a salad and eat them one by one like a healthy potato chip.

Add them to yogurt, cereals and juices.

Stir them onto anything you are baking.

  2. Reasons for salmon: Know that salmon is the main source of omega3 fatty acids. Omega3 fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids that can resist the arterial rhythm. But do you have only 3 salmon that can provide up to 170% of your daily needs?Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D above 80%.

  3. Green Vegetable Reasons: It’s almost impossible to meet your nutritional needs. Eating green leafy vegetables, from spinach and lettuce to kale and vegetables.

They are rich in cellulose, vitamins C and K, folic acid, a type of vitamin B that protects the heart and memory while protecting against birth defects), lutein protects vision), and a variety of important minerals: including calcium and magnesium, Iron, potassium.

  Servings: Twice a day, and the darker the darker the better. How to eat: Add arugula to your sandwiches, leaf beets to lasagne, spinach to egg rolls, plus any green vegetables to fries, ItalyNoodles and soup.

  4. Whole Grain Reasons: They have more than 96% fiber, magnesium, zinc, chromium, vitamin E and B6 than refined grains.

This nutritious food can help prevent the same health problems like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and even high blood pressure caused by refined grains.

  Serving Size: Ideally, all 6 types of daily cereals you need should be complete and coarse grains, but target at least 3 types.

How to eat: Start your day with oats or whole wheat cereals, eat 100% whole wheat breads and sandwiches, choose whole wheat paella and pasta, choose coarse rice fast food), whole wheat pretzels, and evenWhole wheat tortillas.

  5. Nut Reasons: Nuts are an excellent source of protein, magnesium, vitamins B and E-a loyal fighter in the fight against cardiovascular and cancer.

Yes, nuts are higher in terms of aunts, but their aunts are good for the heart.

You won’t make a small profit by replacing nuts with junk snacks.

  Serving Size: Amount of more than 5) (about 1/4 cup or about 15-20 almonds, cashews, walnuts or walnuts) a week).

How to eat: Spread or roast nuts with salad instead of garlic, mix them in paella and flour rice, script into cereals and yogurt, and decorate stir-fried dishes with them before serving.

  6. Golden vegetable reasons: Only one by one blended with cellulose, dark yellow nano vegetables can supply 5 times carotene, which is what you need daily to reduce the risk of cancer, to protect against cold and other infections, As well as protecting your skin from skin damage from the sun.

The potassium in these vegetables can also keep your heartbeat in sync while lowering blood pressure.