[Effects and functions of Banlangen]_Blangen_Assumption_Benefits

[Effects and functions of Banlangen]_Blangen_Assumption_Benefits

There are actually many benefits and values of isatis root. Especially in daily life, we often use isatis root medicine. In fact, it has good antiviral effect, and it can also have a good detoxification effect. It can also help to improve immunity and anti-tumor.

1. Antibacterial and antiviral isatis root has effects on a variety of bacteria.

Aqueous extracts have inhibitory effects on Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Octococcus, Escherichia coli, Typhoid, Paratyphoid, Shigella (Shigella, Freundi), Enterobacter, etc .; Elimination of extracts is similarEffect, and effective for hemolytic streptococcus (all agar plate method).

The antibacterial effect on type A meningococci is similar to that of garlic and honeysuckle.

Isatis root, large green leaf antibacterial, antiviral active ingredient, some people think it is a copy.

Experiments have shown that toxins in plasma have no antibacterial effect both in vivo and in vitro; the antiviral effect in vitro is not outstanding; excretion is rapid in vivo, so it is considered that it has no obvious physiological and antibacterial activity.

Its active ingredients are yet to be studied.

2. Improving the intraperitoneal injection of Isatis root polysaccharide 50mg / kg in immunized mice can significantly promote the immune function of mice, which can significantly increase the spleen weight of normal mice.

The total number of white blood cells and the number of lymphocytes has a significant counteracting effect on the spleen index, the reduction of the total number of white blood cells and the number of lymphocytes in immunosuppressed mice caused by hydrocortisone; significantly enhances the normal and cyclophosphamide caused by dinitrochlorobenzeneDelayed hypersensitivity reaction in immunosuppressed mice; enhances the ANAE positive percentage of blood lymphocytes of normal mice in vitro, and obviously counteracts the immunosuppressive effect caused by recombinant cortisone;Lymph response of spleen cells in mice had no significant enhancement.

In addition, Radix Isatidis polysaccharides can significantly enhance the function of antibody-forming cells and enhance the rate of carbon particle outline clearance in mice injected intravenously.

3. Anti-tumor effect on rat W256 solid tumors and mouse Lewis dialysis injection of diabetic jade red 200mg / kg for 6-7 consecutive days. The results of inhibition of rat W256 solid tumors were 47-50% and 50-58.%, When subcutaneous injection is reduced to less than 100mg / kg daily, its inhibitory effect is not obvious.

Din jade red 500mg / kg was administered by gavage, the inhibition of rat W256 solid tumors was 23-33%, and the inhibition rate of mouse sarcoma 180 was about 30%.

Din Yuhong can prolong the survival time of lymphatic leukemia L7212 mice by about 20%.

In addition, the mouse spermatogonia test proved that in addition, jade red could not completely inhibit B-type spermatogonia and sperm cells.